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Are you Ready for iOS 12?

Development and design considerations for Apple’s new operating system

It took just 7 weeks for 50% of users to upgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 11.

Following Apple’s iOS 11 and iPhone X release, we compiled a list of design and development considerations to guide app revamps and rebuilds. And with the recent release of iOS 12 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, here are a few considerations for updating or building your app for iOS 12.


As part of a slew of upgrades and new additions, Apple revamped the privacy and security on iOS 12. Developers and designers should ask themselves how the added privacy and security will change how they develop and design for iOS. For some apps that require additional security (2-factor authentication), developers and designers should prioritize usability and create a notification (or another mode of informing the user) of this requirement.


Siri gets a new feature called Shortcuts. With Shortcuts, users can add actions and customize Siri commands based on their own behaviours and activities. A single Shortcut can be multi-step and multi-app.

Siri Shortcuts


Apple is releasing a portrait segmentation API that can separate layers in a photo. Developers will be able to build apps that easily separate foreground and background images, creating unique photo effects. Third-party developers will be able to use the separation data in their own apps too.


In addition to 3rd party navigation app support (Waze, Google Maps), Albert Wan of Apple’s iOS Car Experience team mentioned four key areas of improvement in CarPlay: overall performance, faster startup sequence, smoother animation, and better app communication. When building for CarPlay, developers should also consider workarounds for common scenarios, such as a passcode-locked iPhone that is connected to CarPlay and varying network/service signals.


ARKit enables developers to create augmented reality apps for the iPhone and iPad by pulling on the environmental context and blending it with digital objects. Now, with ARKit 2.0, developers can do even more with such apps. ARKit 2.0 had added and improved functionality — face tracking, object rendering, 3D object detection, and developers can now create persistent experiences.

Multi-Person AR Games with ARKit2
session.getCurrentWorldMap { worldMap, error inguard let worldMap = worldMap else {showAlert(error)return}}let configuration = ARWorldTrackingConfiguration() configuration.initialWorldMap =


When testing for iOS 12, ensure that the product works wells on both iOS 12 and with older operating systems. It will seem obvious, but make sure you know which devices can support iOS 12’s new features (FaceID, TouchID, AR, etc.) and use those for testing. Then, test the new iOS 12 features on devices that cannot support the new functionality to ensure the right error messages are presented.



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