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Dumitru with the Dubai Tribe!

Driving Growth: An Engineer’s Rotation Experience in Dubai

By: Dumitru Lupanciuc

Interviewed by Kirstyn Hevey, Content Writer at TribalScale

Empowerment is one of TribalScale’s core values. One of the ways we empower our employees is through rotational engineering: encouraging diversity of thought, new experiences, and perspectives. Personal and professional growth is important to us, and we encourage our employees to take advantage of TribalScale’s global footprint, teach and learn from others.

As we grow as a company, we know that different opinions, skill sets, and backgrounds greatly enhance and diversify our community; rotational engineering directly fosters diversity at TribalScale. The rotational engineering program also helps developers and employees gain a better understanding of what we do in each of our offices, and how we are creating a new era of innovation on a global scale. Plus, exposure to new perspectives and practices helps TribalScale build better products.

TribalScale now has offices in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, the OC, and Dubai. We are creating a new era of innovation globally.

Dumitru Lupanciuc, one of our Agile engineers, was in Dubai from October to November in 2017, and worked on a mobile application for a major airline company. Currently, Dumitru is back in the UAE for another month of engineering. Here are some of his reflections on the Dubai Tribe and TribalScale’s rotational engineering program.

I joined Tribalscale over a year ago. I previously worked with some of the co-founders, and when I heard they started TribalScale I knew it would be the beginning of something great. I felt that TribalScale’s vision and values perfectly aligned with mine, so the decision to join the Tribe quickly followed.

The main trigger, for me, is that I like challenges. Since I have never been to the Middle East, there were many unknowns for me. Uncertainties and unknowns drive me because they make that sort of adventure so much more interesting, and provide a lot of unexpected learning opportunities. You have a chance to meet and work with different people from all around the world, experience new cultures, and solve new problems.

Dubai is very impressive. The city has the best of everything from all around the world, they are trying to set new standards, and be the best in every field. All these efforts are being reflected in many Guinness World Records set by the city. TribalScale couldn’t miss the opportunity to open an office in Dubai. The city’s atmosphere is powerful, motivating, and there is a drive for excellence, and Dubai provides massive business opportunities.

The TribalScale team in Dubai is just amazing, it is a smart group of people from all around the world that are united by the synergy of building great products and exceeding all expectations. Being able to work with them and craft the future digital era for our clients was one of the best experiences I could ever have.

One of the things I learned from the Dubai Tribe is patience and perseverance. To deliver the best products for our clients, these two qualities are definitely very important. Last but not least: don’t forget to have fun and enjoy what you do.

The Dubai Tribe is young and they are growing fast, as a result there are differences in cadences and practices, which are being adjusted to their current needs. For example, clients are more involved in their weekly demos and have the chance to sit in the room while engineers present their week’s work. In Toronto, demos are a bit more informal. Either way, we made sure Agile methodologies are followed. Especially since Agile is the core of our processes, and helps us ensure we deliver high quality products.

I did everything possible to share our Toronto experience with our Dubai team. Not only what we do in terms of processes, but also and most importantly, how and why we do them. In the Toronto office, we provide opportunities for the Tribe to grow and learn in weekly “Lunch and Learn” events. A Lunch and Learn is a presentation over the lunch hour, and either an invited guest or a team member gives a presentation on a particular topic. I gave a Lunch and Learn and had the chance to contribute to the Tribe’s culture in Dubai, and share some of my experiences.

Yes, I will be going back soon with 3 other developers, and we will be working hand-in-hand with our colleagues in Dubai. We will be working on a project that will impact the mobile experience of millions of users. I am looking forward to joining the Dubai team again, and cooperating for a great end product.

I would definitely recommend a rotation, or at least a visit to Dubai. Rotation is definitely an opportunity worth experiencing and working with our team members in Dubai is a blast!

I think the rotational program is very good. It would be great if it happened more often, but that is also dependent on business development.

Rotation is a very important process that brings a lot of value for every team member touched by it, and as a result for TribalScale as a whole. Rotation allows our members to interact, work and learn from each other, and on a global scale. It also ensures our processes are the same no matter which TribalScale office you are in.

Dumitru is an Agile Software Engineer at TribalScale with an extensive background in Android development. In his previous roles, he was Lead Android Engineer for Video on Demand apps at Bell Media and an Agile Engineer at Pivotal Labs.

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