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How to Maintain Company Culture in a Virtual Environment

Written by: Roisin Flood, Talent Acquisition Specialist, TribalScale

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Maintaining a strong company culture is always a key component of employee satisfaction and retention, whether your company operates remotely, in-person or using a hybrid model. And data shows that companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable.

Working from home can be hard to navigate for even the best of teams. Some of the biggest hurdles that remote teams face include maintaining good communication, sense of belonging and high performance. It is a continuous battle to recreate the same effective strategy in a virtual setting as was established when companies operated solely in-person. Remote culture needs to be synonymous with care, accountability and effective collaboration. What does maintaining your company culture look like in a virtual environment? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Creating a space for effective communication & feedback

Regular 1 on 1s with managers & their employees—Not only does this help with performance management, it shows that a manager invests time and energy into the growth of their direct reports. This is key to ensure that managers are mentoring their direct reports and guiding them so that they can reach their full potential and accomplish career goals. Additionally, it helps to build a more personal relationship between a manager and their direct report, which contributes to employee retention.

Performance management—Collecting data that identifies how an employee is performing is key to ensuring that they can grow with your company. It creates action plans for growth that keep the manager and the employee engaged and accountable. Without opportunity for advancement, employees feel uninterested and unchallenged. 15five is a great performance management tool that we have implemented. It has space for weekly check-ins, performance reviews, giving high fives to team members and it sends reminders so you never forget to submit your feedback.

Regular team syncs—This is a great way to make sure everyone on your team knows what they should be doing. When set up correctly, there should be an agenda with clearly defined objectives for each sync. This holds each team member accountable and ensures they can collaboratively work through any blockers together.

Intelligent collaboration

Purposeful meetings — Make sure each team meeting is an effective use of time. Check out our recent blog on tips for setting up effective team meetings to learn more about this. The key is making sure these meetings are producing results, or at least creating progress towards those results.

Tools for remote collaboration—Make sure your company is using the necessary tools for email, chat, video conferencing, project management and more. On top of this, there is a ton of new remote work tech coming out that companies can look into implementing long-term. Check out our blog on 3 important digital transformation trends in 2022 to read about new tech for connected hybrid workplaces.

Employee recognition

Reward your team — You should give thanks to your team when they achieve milestones, finish major projects or reach set KPI’s for the quarter. The reward doesn’t have to be big, it’s all about the gesture of appreciation.

Give kudos — Small wins should be shouted out on a daily basis. At TribalScale we have a Slack channel dedicated to this and we also incorporate this into our daily stand-up call. Creating a space where employees feel their everyday hard work is being recognized is important, not only from their managers but also from fellow team members.

Feature employees on social media — Publicly showcasing your employees and their work on social media is that next level of recognition and contributes to their professional career. Consider making this part of your marketing strategy and fostering thought leadership through this type of content.

More than just business

ADP Research Institute found that employees who feel strongly connected to their employer are 75 times more likely to be engaged when compared to those who do not feel connected. Here are some things you can do to build a better connection remotely:

Game nights, team lunches and other social events—This is a great way to de-stress, build strong bonds with your team and get them talking about non-work related things.

Celebrate life—Get to know your employees and what big milestones are happening in their personal lives. Things like a work anniversary, completing a course or certification, buying a house, getting engaged/married and welcoming a new fur friend should all be shouted out and celebrated!

Final thoughts — empathy & compassion

As humans we are not perfect, we have good days and bad days. This transition to remote work hasn’t been easy or smooth for a lot of people. Being there for your employees when they need support or understanding should be the bare minimum. When a company recognizes that the most important part of their organization is the people, it is clearly evident.

Roisin is one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists here at TribalScale. She works with the HR team to recruit, manage and harmonize the various departments within the organization. When she is not working behind her computer she is often found cooking or walking her dogs.

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. We transform teams and processes, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. Learn more about us on our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook!



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