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How To Master the Remote Work Week

A collective blog by the team members of TribalScale

Like many tech companies, TribalScale is fortunate enough to be able to work remotely and self-isolate to help everyone’s health during this time. However, it is difficult to continually monitor our own mental health, especially when you’re working or living in one place for a long period of time. It’s easy to become “stuck in a rut”, to look up and realize you’ve been coding in the same sitting position for hours, or to become increasingly anxious because you haven’t had enough fresh air. These are just a few examples. We thought it would be beneficial to pool some helpful tips to follow every day of your remote working life. This list has kept our team healthy, positive, and productive. The most important thing is keeping ourselves feeling like ourselves. Even if you aren’t able to work remotely, these tips can help you through your work shift, your homeschooling day, or just a day when you’re finding it hard to focus. Scroll down for our secrets to keeping a clear head on your shoulders — because we’re all in this together:

From Ailsa, Design Manager

Try and practice your usual self care in new ways. Does the gym make you feel better? Throw a body weight workout video on YouTube and follow along. Is a spa day your go-to relaxation method? Order some face masks on Instacart and enjoy!

From Uday, Software Engineer:

I make it a practice of waking up in the morning doing the daily morning chores (like getting ready for work), and when I finish work in the evening I change my clothes. This helps tell my brain that work is over. Also, rather than sitting on a couch or bed, you should be working on a proper table and chair to keep your mind focused and active.

From Sheetal, CEO and Co-Founder

Utilizing the tools we have at our disposal like Slack, Zoom, and FaceTime to create daily cadence’s with your team or friends. This rhythm helps a team be together virtually whether it be to train or hang together, show extra empathy for everyone, or creating an outlet for people to vent their frustrations. Our team uses these tools for daily stand-up meetings. Our daily standup is run in the following format: News, Fail Fasts, giving kudos, announcements and just staying in touch. Creating community is of utmost importance during times like these. We’ve even started using Duolingo to learn Spanish together (we all voted on which language we most wanted to learn).

If you’re a sports fan, music fan, or broadway fan, multiple companies and associations have made their content free to screen like the NFL and the NBA. Check out a full list here.

From Alice, Software Engineer:

Take the unique opportunity of being at home to take breaks and engage in activities like 20 minutes of stretch yoga, a quick workout, or meditation on your couch to reset your head. Get that serotonin flowing! You can even video chat your coworkers and do the same routines together. Plug into free online resources such as Headspace, YouTube (my fave is Yoga with Adrienne), or the Nike workout App.

From Rachel, Content Writer

I like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Discord, anything that lets you connect with co-workers. Just hearing them typing alongside me or chatting as we work helps me stay focused, and provides that human conversation we don’t get enough of when in isolation. Also, Spotify has tons of concentration or study playlists to listen to in the background of whatever you’re doing!

From Hashem, Software Engineer

If you’re using Zoom on your phone, instead of using the “internet audio” when dialing into a meeting, call the toll-free number, and the audio is super stable! Also, if it’s sunny outside, make sure to go out there and catch that fifteen minutes of sunshine.

From Irina, Product Designer

From a Design perspective, FIGMA! This tool makes collaborating remotely as designers seamless!

From Jack, Agile Software Engineer

Wireless headphones. It’s so easy to sit the entire day just pairing. Wireless headphones allow you to get up and move around. Don’t be afraid to open a window or walk around your home once in a while.

From Matthew, Software Engineer

Don’t be afraid to adopt the newest technologies! They will pay you back tenfold. I’m watching my dad work from home using old style conferencing (and emailing!!?) and there’s so much wasted time and lack of communication.

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