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Q3 TribalScale Engineering Update

Written by: Jason Mills, Director of Engineering, TribalScale

What an exciting Q3 this has been for TribalScale! Our blockchain presence continues to grow, and we are now helping with digital transformation on the factory floor. We have also released a new Code Assessment service offering and the engineering team has been hard at work sharing technical knowledge on iOS, NFTs, and Test Automation.

Where to start? Let’s just jump right in!

BLOCKCHAIN!!! Our web-based NFT proof of attendance protocol (POAP) lab project has made it into production, leveraging the power of AWS Serverless and Flow. While the NFT technology is a small part of building any marketplace, it’s important to have a stable core architecture in place to build upon. We are happy to see this scaleable and clean architecture deliver value for our clients.

Check out all of our great content on NFTs and Web3 here.

Next up, we are excited to be engaged in a multi-year project digitizing the factory floor using the Microsoft Power Platform. Transforming large organizations is a part of our DNA. It combines modern technology best practices and an Agile work cadence to optimally level up your teams. Transformation requires hands-on collaboration with your team, ensuring that Agile practices are adopted using the Learn By Doing approach. This project is unique because we are not only collecting analytics right from the first line of code, but working in tandem with the AI team to build a product that feeds analytics right back into the product and continually optimize the factory floor.

Click here to read about our enterprise transformation service.

On the QA front, we are bolstering our automated testing practices by building test suites using Cypress and Playwright for web, Appium for mobile, and Postman for APIs. We are also optimizing some of our internal processes with automation, such as building Slackbots to audit allocation changes, as well as importing and exporting stories from our product management software.

The Engineering team has also released several articles on iOS and Android Automotive. Check out these articles here.

We have also now formalized our Code Assessment process to help analyze your flagship product’s codebase and identify areas of improvement as it maps to Architecture, Testing, Security, Reliability, Maintainability, Legibility, and Documentation. Taking this one step further, TribalScale will provide a roadmap on HOW to get your software to the next level on our Software Maturity Model. We map your current software against this matrix and provide recommendations and time estimates to get your software to the level you want it to be at. It’s also important to understand which improvements will provide the best ROI as well. Our Code Assessment process brings this to the surface as well. Most importantly, these changes may only take a few weeks to get integrated into your code or your process so that you can immediately start seeing improvements.

For more information on our Code Assessment service, click here.

Finally, we would like to welcome our new co-ops for the fall term! They are all pushing their limits and have already integrated into our collaborative team culture. Some TribalScale words of advice that may help you on your journey here, or wherever your path may take you:

  • Be yourself.
  • Be good to your fellow team members.
  • Say yes to opportunities.
  • Hard work will take you places faster than you can imagine.

We are not slowing down and will continually push the engineering limits in everything we do. Our Core Values are Empowerment, Challenge & Collaborate, Resilience, and Caring. If you feel you have what it takes to join the team, we are always looking for passionate engineers that exemplify these values. Click here to take a look at our open positions.

Jason Mills is the Director of Engineering at TribalScale, based out of Toronto. He has more than 20 years of experience in the software development space, working for companies in the human capital management, safety management, automotive, and media spaces.

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. We transform teams and processes, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. Learn more about us on our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook!



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