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Strengthening Company Culture & Wellness with Inward Strong

Written by: Roisin Flood, People & Culture Specialist, TribalScale

At TribalScale, one of our biggest strengths is our company culture, we work towards it each and every day. If you are not yet working towards improving your company culture, you could be negatively impacting employee engagement, retention and overall revenue of your company.

One way we focus on company culture is cultivating a space that cares about employee wellness. We do this in a variety of ways, from walking challenges that aim to improve physical health, to having multiple resources for employees’ mental health. It is so important to have open conversations on mental health and ensure each employee feels supported. This benefits the employee, but also allows them to focus on their work and increase productivity.

On average it takes an individual 11 years to seek help, taking mental health seriously should be something that is regularized and focused on in companies. That is why TribalScale has been partnering with Inward Strong for years.

What is Inward Strong?

Inward Strong is a mobile app that is 100% anonymous and focuses on giving each individual specialized support and resources to help with their mental health. This is a self-directed online program. In the app, you can complete assessments and different progress tracking to understand how different therapy techniques like CBT and mindful exercises are beneficial for your mental and overall health.

To ensure everyone has mental health resources, they have created a not-for-profit version called Be Inward Strong. Each of these platforms has personalized resources that allow you to find mental health care if you are suffering, strengthen your own mental fitness, or provides guidance to individuals supporting someone else.

How does it improve employees’ mental fitness & wellness?

By recognizing the common problems including lack of accessible resources or options, and uncertainty on how to manage mental health, TribalScale is standing up against the stigma of mental health. Inward Strong addresses the need, and works with each individual to foster better mental health in an app that is accessible 24/7. It works with your schedule and preference to ensure you have a program that works for you.

How does it improve company culture?

Remote work can often cause burnout and feelings of isolation and loneliness more than we have ever experienced before in the workplace. By focusing on overall wellness, you are preventing employee burnout which can lead to a reduction in high turnover, and overall dissatisfaction from employees. Employees need resources to help them adapt to remote work, and feel supported by their company.

A company that shows they care for all aspects of their employee, including mental well-being is so important and should be a standard practice at every workplace. It is never too late to get started on improving your own personal mental wellness, or implement resources in your workplace to improve the mental wellness of your employees.

Roisin is one of our People & Culture Specialists here at TribalScale. She works with the HR team to recruit, manage and harmonize the various departments within the organization. When she is not working behind her computer she is often found cooking or walking her dogs.

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. We transform teams and processes, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. Learn more about us on our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook!



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