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The Importance of HR Check-Ins

Written by: Anessa Ho, HR Coordinator, TribalScale

All of us have probably been through at least one employee check in, a formal chat that takes half an hour out of our day to lay all our thoughts and concerns on the table. From the employee’s perspective, the conclusions of the check-ins may be quickly pushed to the corners of their mind as they focus back on more urgent tasks; but for the organization, all the feedback collected plays a key part in understanding where the company currently stands and how they plan on moving forward.

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Check ins are a vital part of an organization as it allows for an increased understanding of where each employee stands in their careers and how they are feeling about said position. They allow the organization to be involved in their employees’ work lives by understanding them currently, where they want to aim and how they think the organization can help.

TribalScale, like many, does quarterly check-ins with all their employees. Something unique that we do is, instead of managers conducting check-ins with their direct reports, TribalScale has our HR team conduct them instead. This allows employees to discuss any concerns they have that they may not necessarily want to share with their direct managers. Employees have the choice whether or not they want their answers to be shared with their managers or kept within the HR department. This creates a safe space for the employee and allows for a more open conversation.

Our HR check-ins are also formatted in a way to align with our company values, which are Empowerment, Challenge & Collaborate, Resilience and Caring. These values are an integral part of what TribalScale represents and the vision we strive to create, and basing our conversion around these values will help us understand if we are achieving that goal.


At TribalScale, we strive to create an environment that empowers and instills confidence in our employees, and recognition is a major aspect of that. It allows employees to see that they and their contributions are valued, and TribalScale wants to ensure this to the fullest extent. While we use a Kudos feature in Slack to shout out our coworkers’ performance throughout the week, we still want our employees to have a stream of more solid, direct recognition from their managers. During our quarterly HR Check-ins, we ask and make sure that every employee feels that the amount of feedback and recognition they receive is sufficient to their expectations, and if not, what can we do to change that?

Challenge & Collaborate

Challenging and Collaborating is another important value at TribalScale, where we want our employees to be able to continually learn and grow alongside their colleagues. During the check-in, there is an open discussion on the employee’s goals for that year, and what steps the organization can take to be able to help them in that journey. This puts the thought of goals back into their mind as it can be easy for these objectives to be cast aside as work picks up. Even mentioning the topic may bring their goals back to the forefront of their mind and guide them back on track. Talking about how TribalScale can help also shows employees that they are not alone in this journey, and the organization is there to work with and support them throughout every step.


At TribalScale, we have a fail fast mentality, where whenever we encounter an obstacle, we want to meet it head on as soon as possible, accelerating past hurdles and getting back up on our feet with ease. During our check-ins, we take the time to understand any blockers that our team members may be facing, and what action has been or should be taken to solve this problem. There is no shame when it comes to encountering problems or difficulties at TribalScale, we want everyone to be able to learn and grow, and these challenges are simply a part of the process. Making sure that we understand any struggles that our employees are facing will help us understand where everyone throughout the company stands, and also allows us to see if there are any overarching difficulties that need to be addressed.


Showing that we care is a huge aspect of the TribalScale culture, whether it is internally or externally with clients. This involves showing respect to those we are working with, but also working to build relationships and trust through this care with everyone we are working with. We take check-ins as the chance to understand how people are feeling about their teams, whether or not they enjoy working with their coworkers on the projects that they are assigned to. TribalScale wants to assign people to projects that our employees actually want to work on with teams that they like working with, so having this understanding is essential.

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

After all HR check-ins are conducted, all responses are sorted by department and summarized into a brief overview. Any concerns are also highlighted and action items are created. This step is one of the most important and can make a big difference, making sure that there are steps in place on the way to resolve any issues discovered as well as having that record to refer back to for next quarter’s check in.

Company wide HR check-ins are definitely not as common as your normal manager-led check-in, but there are many benefits in taking the time to talk to your employees from the HR perspective instead, At TribalScale, providing a safe space for employees to have this conversation is key, so HR check-ins are definitely a step in the right direction.

Anessa is our HR Coordinator at TribalScale. She works in a range of HR tasks such as recruitment, employee events & engagement, and with announcements and internal newsletters. Outside of work, Anessa loves art and exploring new fun places!

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. We transform teams and processes, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. Learn more about us on our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook!



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