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What We’re Looking Forward to at CES 2023

Written by: Matthew Street, VP of Sales & Marketing, TribalScale

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CES is more than just a tech trade show, it’s how the world of tech seems to kickoff every new year—by celebrating innovation. While the COVID-19 pandemic stunted the attendance numbers of the past couple years, we’re likely to see a bounce-back at CES 2023 with 100,000 in-person attendees expected.

The team at TribalScale is super excited to be attending this coming January, myself included. While there are currently 24 topics listed on the CES official site, there are a few tech trends that we’ll be specifically looking out for at the show.

Trends we’re keeping an eye on

The metaverse and Web3

This past year, we’ve been helping more and more clients in various industries to develop a Web3 strategy. NFTs and metaverse platforms are becoming a growing channel to engage customers through unique virtual communities and experiences, so our team was especially excited to hear Web3 announced as a new product category this year.

Kinsey Fabrizio, SVP of Membership & Sales at CTA said in a virtual press conference that the Web3 category “will encompass technologies from the metaverse digital assets and blockchain” and that we’ll “see it show up with shared immersive and virtual experiences as well as the hardware associated with these categories.”

CoinDesk will also be hosting a Web3 studio featuring interviews with leaders in Web3 and covering innovations in cryptocurrency and blockchain—definitely an event our team will want to attend.

Alongside companies like OVR that creates immersive tech allowing users to smell in virtual reality, metaverse will be a trend we see across multiple industries. Auto company Stellantis is partnering with Microsoft to create a metaverse showroom. As Fabrizio mentions, it will be eye-opening to hear brands talk “about unique ways to reach their customers, and different experiences people can have there.”

If you’d like to learn more about Web3, check out our recent webinar where our team shared expertise on a variety of Web3 topics including how smart contracts work, on vs off-chain transaction, Web3 market trends and more.

TribalScale’s Web3 Webinar

Vehicle tech

In the process of establishing ourselves as experts in Android Automotive OS (AAOS), we’ve been highly interested in the future of connected vehicles and tech surrounding in-vehicle experiences.

Fabrizio mentions that “CES is going to be the largest auto tech show in North America,” and that doesn’t just include major carmakers, we’ll also be seeing various automotive suppliers suppliers. With both Stellantis and BMW AG set to deliver keynote addresses, as well as the near 300 automotive exhibitors covering around 25% of the show’s floor space, the industry is solidified as a focus area.

The future of in-vehicle user experience points towards immersive driving experiences that are both safe and intuitive. Here are two showcases on our team’s radar:

  • Continental’s Curved Ultrawide Display that spans the entire cockpit of a vehicle with a width of nearly 4ft, arching from one A-pillar to the other, and featuring an invisible control panel.
  • Automotive supplier Marelli’s invite-only, interactive experience on vehicle personality and performance. Attendees will define their brand’s DNA by personalizing their own vehicle, including lighting, sensing, electronics, and interior options.

Check out our past blogs where we explore designing for emerging vehicle tech:

Health & wellness tech

Health care has been noted as a major theme this year with VP of CES, John Kelley, confirming in a virtual press conference that we’ll see “two days of conference programming centered around digital health”. Both women-focused and elderly-focused health technology will be two areas to look out for.

The Digital Health Studio hosted by ACEP will include conversations will innovators in health care tech to discuss “discuss trends shaping the future of care delivery and innovations in treatment.”

Our team’s work with clients like Nurosene has allowed us to grow our expertise with science-backed wellness solutions. Wellness tech specifically has been a growing theme over the past few years at CES—we’re especially interested in this area. Here are two areas to watch this year:

  • Wearables—tech worn by the user that is used to track metrics and collect wellness insights. An example we’ll see showcased is the SomaSleep mask by Somalytics that tracks the user’s eye movements “to help consumers better understand sleep stages, quality and disruptions”.
  • Smart home—tech that is embedded within the home giving users a whole new level of control over their environment. Bosch will be showcasing their new solution for air quality measurement, mitigating the effects of fine dust and indoor air pollution.

Meet our team

We’ll be at the conference exploring the exhibitors on the show floor and even hosting our own Innovators Happy Hour. If you’re interested in meeting with our team, fill out this form with your details and we’ll get back to you:

Matthew is the VP of Sales & Marketing at TribalScale with 20+ years of successful leadership roles in business development, marketing, client services and new solution offering disciplines. He has a proven track record of driving high performance new business development and client growth teams with an operational streamlining expertise.

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. We transform teams and processes, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. Learn more about us on our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook!



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