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What’s Coming With The New iOS 16.2 Update

Written by: Daniel Carmo, Agile Software Engineer, TribalScale

With the release of iOS 16.1 we saw support for Matter, improved battery status visibility, Live Activities, Fitness+ without an Apple Watch, and other features you can check out in my last blog. December has us expecting the release of iOS 16.2 and many new features. Let’s explore what we can expect in next month’s release.

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Freeform App

iOS 16.2 is expected to release with the Freeform App on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The Freeform App allows users to perform real-time whiteboarding sessions from multiple devices. The canvas in the app allows for freeform drawing, as well as inserting sticky notes, text boxes, shapes, photos, videos, links, PDFs, and more. This application will make the process of whiteboarding across Apple users much simpler and easier.

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Always-on Display

This feature comes to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models of iPhones. This feature allows you to hide the wallpaper and notifications when this mode is enabled. This causes the lock screen to have a minimalistic display of a pure black screen. These options for changing this setting can be found under Display & Brightness → Always On Display in the Settings app.

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Live Activities Improvements

iOS 16.2 is expecting some improvements to the current live activities implementation. You can expect an additional option in settings to receive updates more often from the Live Activities. Although this is warned against because it could be a drain on the battery life.

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Another addition to Live Activities is coming from the AppleTV app which will now provide updates for NBA, MLB, and Premier League games. These can now be viewed on the lock screen and Dynamic Island on iPhone Pro and Pro Max models.

New Home App Architecture

The home app in iOS 16.2 once opened will prompt with an update to a new architecture. Apple claims this new architecture is faster, more robust, and efficient for accessing your smart home devices.

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Unintentional Emergency SOS Call Reporting

iOS 16.2 will allow you to report accidental emergency SOS calls that come from your device. If an emergency SOS call is placed, Apple will prompt you afterwards to report if this was accidental or intentional.

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These are some of the features that you can expect to come with the launch of iOS 16.2 expected next month. Improvements to Live Activities will make the experience smoother and more accurate. With additional support added you can see more of your sport at a glance live with the Live Activities and Dynamic Island additions. The Freeform app brings on Apples rendition of a whiteboard application native to all Apple platforms.

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Daniel is an Agile Software Engineer with experience on a variety of platforms in both development and design. He also enjoys collaborative projects with clients, leading developer projects, and mentoring junior and intermediate developers on everything from code quality to programming knowledge. When he’s not coding, his hobbies include baking, running agility with his dog, raising chickens, and gaming.

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