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Why I Joined the Tribe

By Jared Gordon

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.

— William Gibson

The Pace of Change is Accelerating

Every company is feeling it. Consumers are feeling it. It took thirty years to drive adoption of the personal computer. It took less than ten years for the smartphone to get higher levels of penetration.

Technology change is compound, not incremental. Every time change is adopted and distributed, it allows the next change to be easier.

The real opportunity all of this creates is helping companies take advantage of change and distribute it to their employees, users and customers.

The building blocks are now in place for the creation of transformational digital experiences that will dent the universe. TribalScale is uniquely positioned to deliver them because of their Empathy, Experience, Flexibility and Focus.


User empathy is the key attribute of successful digital product design. It is impossible to achieve that without empathy for clients. At TribalScale, client empathy is the core to our three values of transparency, merit and empowerment. We are open and honest with our clients about our capabilities, our skills and experiences. Our cumulative understanding (and client side experience) help us to understand the context within which our clients and teams are operating. We listen to understand what their unexpressed needs, politics and influences are to ensure that our products and clients succeed.


Having known the team here for years, it was a dream to find a chance to work with Sheetal, Dave, Roger, Imtiaz, Josh, Mitch, Jean Bernard and Jane. This team has had a hand in building the digital experiences and companies that have shaped the expectations of customers across the globe. They cut their teeth on engagements for clients like Ford, Microsoft, PGA Tour, ESPN, CIBC, and countless others. They are leaders you can learn from and trust to be there shoulder to shoulder to provide their experience to clients and colleagues. Engagements are made better through their involvement and feedback. All of them are true examples of great player coaches.


With markets shifting under our client’s feet, TribalScale takes an equally agile approach to its business. New technologies are creating new needs and we are at the forefront of understanding the early implications of change for our clients. From TribalScale’s early IoT work to their leadership in voice (with partnerships with Amazon and Google), we have always been leading by example for our clients in what innovation really means: understanding the impacts of change and having the capabilities to capture change to grow shareholder value.


WIth a team as talented as ours, there is little we can’t do. But just because we can do it, does not mean we should. We are supporting our clients across three core areas: Transformation, Project and Venture Services. With Transformation, we guide companies on their journey to build the eng teams of tomorrow that are Agile, and taking advantage of all of the benefits of Extreme Programming. With Project Services, we bring the best practices and latest thinking in Product Strategy, UI/UX Design, and Engineering to help you create digital products and experiences that create impact. With Venture Services, we keep our skills sharp by co-creating disruptive startups.

I am super excited to be part of this amazing team leading the charge on strategy and financial services. If you want to chat more about how we can help you capitalize on change, contact me. And of course, join us, we‘re hiring!

Jared Gordon is Head of Financial Services at TribalScale who built his career at the intersection of human need and commercial opportunity. He is a trusted advisor to global FIs on their transition from a product centric world view to a customer centric worldview and helping FIs create new value for their customers. Jared looks to balance his love of building things that scale, with a mediocre backswing and a love of comic books.

Join our fast growing Tribe and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook! Learn more about us on our website.



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