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Kirstine Stewart, President & CRO with Sheetal Jaitly, CEO & Founder of TribalScale

Why I Joined TribalScale

By Kirstine Stewart

The best career advice I could give is, “Know your value, look for opportunities, and seize them.” I’ve lived by this since the very beginning of my career; starting as a Girl Friday, then taking the opportunity to move into a sales position, then managing international sales and becoming President by the time I was 30. Recently, a booming dynamic team caught my eye and I jumped on the opportunity.

As of last week, I am the President and Chief Revenue Officer of TribalScale. I will be leading TribalScale’s continued global expansion in new partnerships and investments, and will be responsible for their sales and revenue growth. I’m thrilled to be here and very excited to lead this team alongside CEO Sheetal Jaitly.

I spoke at TribalScale’s 2017 TakeOver Innovation Conference and I experienced their unique approach and powerful effect — besides the amazing content presented through the day, there was the feeling that this was being led by a company with fresh ideas. From the outset, Sheetal aimed to hit a 50/50 gender balance in conference speakers but TribalScale surpassed their target and had more women speakers than men. This shows a real commitment to diversity, women’s leadership, and empowerment from the top.

At TribalScale, this mindset doesn’t just live in the C-Suite but throughout: you can feel TribalScale’s energy on the floor just by walking through the office, you don’t feel this level of commitment and excitement in other places. TribalScale’s sense of collaboration is something special, and I felt this immediately.

TribalScale’s mission statement, creating a new era of innovation, is something to live by. To many, ‘innovation’ has become a word lacking real meaning or is simply equated with ‘technology’, but in reality innovation is an approach, it’s a state of mind and is embodied by the entire team. You can see that in each team at TribalScale daily, it’s how they work and partner with clients. TribalScale is a company at the leading edge, and they’ve build an incredible innovation platform that is accessible to legacy enterprises and startups alike and now, TribalScale is ready to step on the gas and put the pedal to the metal. I am here to help them do that, help them push their already exponential growth, and scale globally. I am very excited to embark on this incredible journey with TribalScale.

Since TribalScale was founded in 2015, the team has grown from the 5 founders in Toronto to over 130 employees with offices in Dubai, New York, the OC, and San Francisco. This is a constantly evolving and growing place and growth is never going to be ‘finished’ — on a personal and collective level. I joined TribalScale because I am eager to grow and learn from the teams here, work in the ground-breaking spaces of tech, and embark on fruitful ventures. The potential at TribalScale is limitless.

TribalScale’s stated values are empowerment, meritocracy, and transparency. There is a meaningful difference between memorizing an organization’s values and repeatedly hearing them at the top, from living them. Aligning on values is of paramount importance for successful growth. I immediately connected with TribalScale’s leadership on these points, as well as their commitment to diversity of thought. Each team member manifests this ethos and plays an integral part in creating TribalScale’s overall culture. I want to empower and contribute to their momentum. At the end of the day, it’s about coming to work, feeling like you’re part of something bigger, and when you’re aligned, you can do anything.

I’m looking forward to planting some roots with TribalScale, growing, and changing with them

TribalScale is building cutting-edge digital products across multiple platforms, they are transforming and teaching organizations to think and act like leading startups, and they are creating and co-creating innovative companies. TribalScale is forward thinking, prioritizes collaboration, and is partnering with others to widen technology’s potential and accessibility. TribalScale is opening the doors to the tech space for other companies. I believe that tech is the future and the place is Canada. The best of the world are here, and technology allows us to expand our borders. Exciting things are happening right here, and we can make a global impact with the level of innovation that we have grown in Toronto. Together with TribalScale, I’m excited to see what’s next.

Kirstine Stewart is TribalScale’s President and Chief Revenue Officer. She leads TribalScale’s revenue and sales strategies, and operations, while actively fostering collaboration and innovation amongst the Tribe, and its partners in mobile, AI, and voice tech. Kirstine brings revolutionary and diverse ideas to TribalScale, contributes to our leadership thinking, and inspires at all levels of the organization.

Join our fast growing Tribe and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook! Learn more about us on our website.

Not a massive development shop, VC firm, or design agency. But a unique group of skilled individuals, all feeding on one another’s talent. Empowering businesses to grow their success.

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