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Why You Should Implement No-Meeting Days

Written by: Deema Awad, HR Coordinator, TribalScale

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Oftentimes employees find themselves tied up in meetings all day, wondering when they’ll have time to catch up on work instead of falling further behind. When it comes to remote work, it can be especially overwhelming and frustrating. Employees need uninterrupted time for heads-down work, having a calendar with scattered meetings that consume the entire work week is not sustainable.

Companies have been implementing no-meeting days as a solution to this problem. These are days that give employees a full 8 hours of focused work so they can get organized and tackle their tasks. Check out our previous post about setting up effective team meetings, to first learn how you can limit the amount of meetings you’re having and how to set up meetings to be productive. From there it’s all calendar clean-up, which means scheduling meetings efficiently so that employees have a full day for focus time in their calendars. Clockwise is a great app for this and one that we use at TribalScale.

Here are some benefits of implementing no-meeting days:

Reduce distractions & increase productivity

You’d be surprised how much of an interruption meetings can be, it can take 20 minutes on average to return to a previous task. This is what is called “context switching” which is time consuming, caps productivity and can even cause errors in employees’ work. No-meeting days allow employees to stay focused, resulting in higher productivity.

More effective meetings

Employees will show up to meetings better prepared and more attentive if they have time to get the necessary work completed. No-meeting days can help employees get organized and allow them to complete more tasks before the next meeting.

Morale boost

Giving employees a full day for productive work is a great way to manage stress and make sure everyone can stay on top of their work. If employees feel the need to work during evenings or weekends just to catch up and feel accomplished, that can very quickly lead to burnout.


No-meeting days allow everyone equal opportunity to focus, catch-up or even get ahead of work. Some employees such as managers and executives can especially have a ton of meetings and barely any focus time at all. If no-meeting days are formally mandated then employees at every level have access to the same amount of time to get work done.

Deema is an HR Coordinator here at TribalScale and based in Waterloo. She currently focuses on various aspects of Human Resources like recruitment, company culture and compliance. Outside of work Deema loves traveling or partaking in anything that involves adventure and interacting with others.

TribalScale is a global innovation firm that helps enterprises adapt and thrive in the digital era. We transform teams and processes, build best-in-class digital products, and create disruptive startups. Learn more about us on our website. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook!



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