2021, What To Look For In An Investor, and Celebrating Founders

We’ll be the best New Yorkers and Americans we can. We ask you to join us.

Welcome to 2021…To say it’s off to a strange start is an understatement. Like many of you, we have been reflecting on the events of the past week — the attack on the U.S. Capitol, the surge in cases and deaths from COVID-19, the slow vaccine rollout, and many others. It’s hard to find words that capture all of our thoughts and emotions. We can’t. So we won’t. We’ll just keep doing what we can do. We’ll be the best New Yorkers and Americans we can. We ask you to join us.

2021 also marks our 10th Anniversary at Tribeca Venture Partners. Our focus this year will be to “Celebrate New York Founders.” We plan to do this in several ways — continue to provide insights to early-stage founders, share stories of inspiring founders here in New York (please reach out if you have a story to share info@tribecavp.com), and reinvest in our startup community.

We’ll begin by sharing What to Look For In An Investor, a conversation with 7 entrepreneurs who have been through the fundraising process successfully.

Insights: Early-Stage Investors

What to Look For In An Investor

One of the most important relationships you will have as an early-stage founder is with your investors. This relationship is long-term and isn’t just about funding for the next phase of your company’s growth. More importantly, it’s about gaining valuable insight and counsel from seasoned operators and investors who are focused on your company’s success. Given the importance of this relationship, we wanted to offer some perspective for founders who are navigating the process of fundraising during this time. READ MORE

What We’re Reading/Listening To

What We’re Listening to During Quarantine

As we head into the first quarter and the wintry months ahead, we wanted to share our list of tech podcasts that have kept us informed as we push through quarantine. We usually release our quarterly reading list during this time (Fall Reading: From our Founders and CEOs and The Early Stage Founder’s Reading List). However, during this season, we’ve found it helpful to get outside safely, stretch our legs, and listen to a good podcast. So, here are a few of our favorite tech podcasts in no particular order. We’d love to hear what you and your team have been listening to as well. READ MORE

  • Here Are The Top Tech Trends Of 2021, According To 30+ Experts Fast Company
  • How To Talk With Your Team About The Violence At The U.S. Capitol Harvard Business Review
  • Why You Need A Product Development Road Map Inc
  • The Next Normal Arrives: Trends That Will Define 2021 And Beyond McKinsey & Company
  • The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives In 2021 NYTimes

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