2021 Year In Review

Happy New Year

As we write this 2021 Year In Review, unfortunately, from a COVID perspective, it feels a lot more like the 2020 Year In Review than any of us hoped it would. Despite the COVID uncertainties still ahead, we have much to celebrate from 2021 with several positive outcomes in the portfolio, exciting new investments, strong leadership from our founders, and great execution by the TVP team.

Looking back at our communications from the beginning of the pandemic, the consistent themes are persistence and resilience. So this will be our mantra for 2022. We’ll continue to prioritize our health and safety and that of our teams, and we’ll focus on supporting our portfolio founders as they continue to build great companies.

We’re more excited than ever about the future of New York tech. Here are some highlights from our 2021 Year In Review:

Top Business Trends in 2021 (A Look Back) Powered by AlphaSense

  • Big Government vs. Big Tech
  • ESG and sustainability investments are booming
  • EV battery surge causes lithium supply chain issues
  • Ad tech’s latest consolidation wave
  • Digital transformation explodes in investment banking

Portfolio Highlights

1. ACV Auctions IPO

Over the last 5 years, we’ve worked closely with the ACV team and watched them reach tremendous milestones. It’s been quite a journey, and in March 2021, we were thrilled to join ACV Auctions to ring the bell at Nasdaq. The team has begun a new chapter as Nasdaq: ACVA, and we couldn’t be more proud to have been part of this moment.

2. Katapult Goes Public

In June 2021, we were incredibly excited to announce that our portfolio company, Katapult, began its next chapter as a public company, completing a merger with FinServAcquisition Corp. Katapult is now trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol KPLT.

3. AlphaSense Raises $180M Series C Forbes

4. Honeybook Doubles Valuation to $2.4B TechCrunch

5. Porter Road Raises $10M to Expand Across the US TechCrunch

6. Spiffy Secures $22M Series B Auto Remarketing

7. Virsec Secures $100M Series C Investment Virsec

Top Insights

  1. Why we invested in Toggle (Chip Meakem, Managing Partner)

2. Our Founders: Sonny Tai, Co-founder and CEO of Actuate (Tribeca Venture Partners)

3. 5 Ways Startups Can Win at Content Marketing (Dana Safa, Digital Marketing at 1Huddle)

4. Managing Setbacks and Moving Forward (TVP Portfolio Founders)

5. Trust the Process: Investment Process and Pace (Tribeca Venture Partners)

6. Digital Marketing For Early Stage Startups

Jeremy Kagan, Prof. Digital Marketing at Columbia Business School

7. Managing Your Career In The New Normal

Rocky Lachman, Head of Marketing

8. Your Startup Needs Corp Dev

Veena Ramaswamy, Head of Corporate Development at Lemonade

9. Our Founders: Matt Britton, Founder and CEO of Suzy

Tribeca Venture Partners

10. Sales Development: The Art and Science of Building Exceptional Teams

Alea Homison, Vice President of Go-To-Market at AlphaSense




Tribeca Venture Partners Insights explores topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology from our TVP Partners, founders, executives and tech community.

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