2022 Predictions: The Roaring ‘20s

Our Managing Partner Brian Hirsch and Fenwick & West Partner Evan Bienstock hosted a dynamic conversation about the current early-stage VC landscape, emerging trends, and predictions for 2022. They were joined by a panel of leading early-stage investors who shared their perspectives and practical advice for startup founders to set themselves up for success in 2022 and beyond.

Forbes recently noted that Venture Capital is having its New York moment. As of September 30, investors had poured $38.9 billion into area startups, 154% of the city’s previous record. And we can’t help but notice that several west coast firms have opened New York offices. What should we expect to see from New York venture in 2022?

Here are some of the questions covered by our panelists and the replay HERE:

  1. Venture Capital: Some have said that we’re entering a new age of venture capital, with massive disruption in an industry that traditionally seeks to find businesses that are driving disruption (Economist). How are your firms bracing for disruption or preparing to disrupt in 2022?
  2. Early Stage: The WSJ notes that venture firms are targeting early-stage companies much earlier than they usually would. So there are massive amounts of capital targeting early-stage, while valuations are climbing at these earlier stages. What should we expect to see in the market for 2022?
  3. Fundraising: What is your advice to founders who ask: Should I raise more in this round given the current market?
  4. Future of Work: “I do miss meetings in which you can stand up and go to the whiteboard and draw what you’re thinking and have others look at it.” This is from Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, in a recent NYTimes piece on The Future of Work. Are your teams fully remote, hybrid, or back to the office? And what do you see happening around The Future of Work in 2022?
  5. Great Resignation: According to Inc, the Great Resignation is in full swing and accelerating. How has this trend impacted your portfolio companies, and will it continue in 2022?
  6. DEI: The past two years have seen major disruption and awareness around diversity, equality, and inclusion in Tech and elsewhere. This includes the Me Too Movement to Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and more. What are you seeing from management in board rooms, and how are you advising portfolio companies around DEI?
  7. Crypto: Let’s talk crypto, NFTs, and Web3. New York Mayor-Elect Eric Adams hopes to turn New York into a crypto center and take his first paychecks in crypto (Fortune). How are your teams approaching crypto, and what’s your take on 2022?

Watch the full replay HERE.




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