The Future of the Office

We recently partnered with Silicon Valley Bank alongside Lauren Gill, Head of People at Vivvi, Keryn Koch, VP of People at CommonBond, and Anthony Onesto, Chief People Officer at Suzy, to discuss The Future of the Office. We tackled questions around how to transition back to the office, team resources, DEI, hiring talent, and much more.

Here are a few opening highlights from the Future of the Office webinar. You may also want to watch the full replay HERE.

How is your team managing the transition back to the office?

Lauren Gill, Head of People at Vivvi

As a childcare company, that’s not something you can do remotely, as anyone with a child knows, so we have been back to the office/our school for an entire year now. That has been an ongoing process of health and safety protocols and continuing with what we have been doing. We have a central office team and in-home learning programs, so some folks come into the office every day and some work from home. In addition, many of our employer partners are hybrid and utilize Vivvi campuses and in-home learning.

Keryn Koch, VP of People at CommonBond

CommonBond was 100% based in the New York office. In the summer of 2020, we allowed employees to work from anywhere, and about 40% of employees decided to leave New York City (and their overpriced rent). Since then, we’ve opened the office for about six months now for anyone who feels that they can be more productive there. Going forward, CommonBond will be a hybrid workforce. This means employees are welcome to work out of the office, visit the office or not go to the office at all.

Anthony Onesto, Chief People Officer at Suzy

Suzy was primarily in Soho/New York, and our lease was up in August in the middle of COVID. Before COVID, we were looking for a new space, and we decided to take the opportunity to be completely virtual. The shift has accelerated our talent development across the United States.

I’ve always talked about the democratization of talent and the idea of talent from anywhere, which has made it so much easier for human resources and recruiting. We are now operating in about 20 states, and we are looking for what we will call an office as a “tool for collaboration” or a “benefit” for employees.

For more insights, watch the full replay HERE.




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