What We’re Listening to During Quarantine

As we head into the first quarter and the wintry months ahead, we wanted to share our list of tech podcasts that have kept us informed as we push through quarantine. We usually release our quarterly reading list during this time (Fall Reading: From our Founders and CEOs and The Early Stage Founder’s Reading List. However, during this season, we’ve found it helpful to get outside safely, stretch our legs, and listen to a good podcast. So, here are a few of our favorite tech podcasts in no particular order. We’d love to hear what you and your team have been listening to as well.

1. The Twenty Minute VC

This is a great listen that provides perspective around fundraising, venture capital, and startups. We’ve been fans for some time, and it has served us well during the past few months. Be sure to check out the episode on What Happened in 2020? What Can We Expect Looking Forward to 2021? From our perspective, the future is unpredictable, but collectively we’ll take on whatever comes our way in 2021.

2. How I Built This by Guy Raz

As early-stage investors, we love hearing founder stories and understanding the process of building — from the kernel of an idea to execution to exit (and everything in between). How I Built Resilience is particularly good since every early-stage founder needs to learn how to overcome challenges and persevere.

3. Equity by TechCrunch

Equity is a must-listen, and we appreciate the updates, insights, and friendly banter (reminds us of our team meetings). We are always eager to hear about news coming from New York startups and are looking forward to what 2021 holds for this market.

4. The Full Ratchet

On The Full Ratchet, Nick Moran, Founder and General Manager of New Stack Ventures, interviews venture capitalists to offer perspectives on everything from angel and early-stage investing to trending sectors. Our Managing Partner, Brian Hirsch, recently appeared on The Full Ratchet, and we’ll plan to share the interview when it goes live.

5. Cornell Tech @ Bloomberg

Pre-pandemic, Cornell Tech hosted conversations with tech leaders for its monthly podcast. This was part of the Cornell Tech @ Bloomberg Speaker Series, which brings together students from Cornell Tech, Bloomberg employees, and New York’s tech community at Bloomberg HQ. As a team, we’ve mentored students at Cornell Tech and are always eager to hear what’s next.

6. A Promised Land

While it’s not a podcast, we highly recommend A Promised Land on audiobooks. It’s 30 hours of listening, which seems a little daunting at first, but you can spread it out over a month if needed. In this memoir, former President Barack Obama shares his experience in the Oval Office and the challenges of leadership at the highest levels of the United States’ government.




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