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Introducing Tribes Social Wallets

Co-ownership and communication, together

Every Tribes group chat is now a group wallet, too. Co-ownership, collective action and communication come standard in one simple interface: the conversation.

We’re also sharing some funding news.

Join us

Web3 Messenger Tribes Raises $3.3 Million and Launches Social Wallets, Allowing People to Co-Own and Manage Digital Assets.

Vote and approve right in the chat
  • Friends and family co-funding and sharing big purchases like cars and homes
  • Groups co-investing in digital wares and financial products
  • Collectors and communities with a stake in creators’ successes
  • Fully-operational DAOs with shareholders and operators
  • Government and civic engagement
Secure and send co-owned assets
  • Buy things you like together (i.e. buy an NFT as a group chat)
  • Save money as a group (casual investment club)
  • Manage a small organization (i.e. a soccer team or interest group) with collective decision-making and transparent treasury
Easily create co-wallets

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Tribes is your web3 messenger — from DMs to DAOs. Learn more and try the app at

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