Is it about marketing? A dictionary entry relates the term to “promoting and selling.” Not our main concern. Maybe branding? Nah, the focus of the entry is again on “promoting.” I personally despise the notion of manufacturing consumers. What’s more, I truly believe that what we do for a living could make this world a better place. Thus I basically want more people to learn about what we do. We want to communicate, convey, spread an idea.

Yesterday we had an awesome meeting, chat, conversation on this and more. It was not just the four of us. Ari had an awesome idea: to invite knowledgeable friends to ask for their advice. We would have a loose brainstorm and then propose them to form a team. Interestingly none of them had previously worked with each other. Empirical as we are, we tried.

Lopa, Mario and Vane joined us yesterday morning. Vale and Osky couldn’t make it, but will probably come aboard later. Together they have a background in branding, advertising, graphic design and media. I thought it’d be awesome if we later pay them as a team, not as individuals. We would then help them to decide as a group how to split up merit. Yeah, I wanna keep experimenting with liquid ownership.

All we have for now is a slack group and the intention to set up at least half a day to work on our identity. As a first step in that direction I started to write this blog. It should help in finding the tone of our voice. Hopefully you, at the other side of the story, find it mellifluous enough to keep listening. Thanks for that.

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