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Announcing Tride

The Ultimate App for Cycling, Running, and Multi-sport Training

Tride app recording an outdoor run · Join the beta

Tride is a Swiss Army knife app for cyclists, runners and multi-sport athletes of any level from absolute beginners to those who race competitively.

You can use Tride to record your rides and runs. Plan, create, and perform structured workouts. Review and analyze your past workouts. Make decisions based on your recent data, and ultimately become faster, stronger, and fitter.

Editing Guide (workout instructions) on the left. Post-workout view on the right in its full iOS13 dark mode glory · Join the beta

Privacy and Your Data

Everything in Tride is designed to be opt-in. There is no social user account or social component in the app. It’s you, your training plan, and your data. If you need support from the community, there will be a free, opt-in, discussion forum which will launch together with early beta and will be accessible via the web.

Guided workouts are core of Tride experience, but you always have an option to just go running or cycling for fun · Join the beta

Guiding Star

Let me describe a bigger picture. My ultimate goal is to make the best endurance sports training tool. I acknowledge that this is a very ambitious goal, and it will not happen overnight for obvious reasons. It’ll take time, a lot of work, and many releases, but that’s my guiding star. I enjoy that work and want to help people get healthier.

Where? Tride and Platforms.

The initial release of Tride will happen only on iOS. Apple Watch app will follow soon. It was the release of an original Apple Watch (and few frustrations with the current state of sports technology) that planted the seed of making Tride. Support for other Apple platforms are planned, but things might change. My primary priority is to release version 1.0 successfully.

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Design & Development journal of Tride. The ultimate running, cycling, and multi-sport training app.

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