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Db Duplex review, the perfect duffel?

Doing duffel bags right might just require two parts.

Duffel bags are a staple luggage piece and have even grown in popularity in the last few years. Models like the duffel bag by the North Face or the black hole by Patagonia provide versatility and a huge volume to store everything you might need, whether that is for a weekend trip or for climbing a mountain.




No matter whether you want to review your favorite gadget, the best pair of shoes ever created or a terribly designed kitchenaid, tried & tested is the place for the review you wish you’d had before purchasing.

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Raffael Hüberli

Raffael Hüberli

A swiss enthusiast for tech, sports, writing and more. Either you find me throwing a football, skiing down a mountain or sitting in front of my computer.

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