I Am Always Going

I am always going
I am always stopped

I am always going
don’t like this going much

I am always going
going everywhere

I am always going
I don’t get anywhere

once upon a time
I thought I’d tried to slow

the slower that I went
the faster I would go

my eyes were drying out
wind was burning me

I just kept on going
to what I’ll always be

a man forever going
a man forever stopped

one who’s never liked
all this going much

because he’s always going
and he’s always stopped

April 10, 2017

It has been AGES since I’ve posted on Medium. I’ve changed my username as well. Now I’m me: Bill Wren

So this is a kind of renewal; a reboot. My focus is just writing (more or less). Fiction and poetry, the areas I most love. And I begin with the poem above.

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