Beating the Blockchain BS

New to cryptocurrencies? This is definitely for you.

And even if you’re a crypto expert, this is important.

Token Sales and Blockchain are not the same thing. You absolutely don’t need a Token Sale to run a Blockchain business. And you don’t absolutely need Blockchain to run a Token Sale.

Blockchain is primarily a clever way of keeping records (a ledger) so that it’s impossible to alter a record without it being noticed. A smart algorithm links historical transactions into every new transaction so every new transaction is validated by what has gone before. This also means that you don’t need every transaction in one central database to know whether a transaction is legal or not; and that means the ledger can be distributed.

Blockchain is therefore a tool with many applications: legal contracts, shopping, work marketplaces — anything where it’s useful to have a record of who has committed to what.

It also powers cryptocurrencies of course — Bitcoin and Ethereum ownership is recorded on Blockchain. And it also powers Token Sales, a way for people to commit to a good business idea with funds recognised on a Blockchain ledger.

Blockchain is epic technology and it’s changing the world.

But let’s be clear: you could run a Blockchain-based Token Sale for a dog-walking business which has no use of Blockchain at all!

In October, a British company put the word ‘Blockchain’ in its business name — and its shares went up almost 400%.

With investors consumed by cryptocurrency fever, you need to know where value lies in Blockchain businesses.

Smart investors need to know how Blockchain is going to make a difference to a market, otherwise it’s just a buzzword.

We think value comes from putting Blockchain to work:

TriForce Tokens has been designed from the ground up to give investors the best chance of generating new value by creating new classes of transaction in the gaming sector:

· Portable digital assets between games

· Rewards for shared achievements and community activity

· E-sports: get paid for gaming, even in niche games

· Activity marketplace: digital assets, tips and tricks, or simply game-labour can all be monetised

· Crowd-fund game development or augmentation

TriForce Tokens are a universal, publicly trustable source of shared value for everyone in gaming — developers and gamers alike — powering genuinely new ways of engaging with and profiting from games, whilst building positive gaming communities at the same time.


Buying TriForce Tokens involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every contributor. The valuation of the TriForce Tokens may fluctuate, and, as a result, you as an contributor could lose your full contribution. Before deciding to participate, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

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