Games Industry Adviser: Vadim Bulatov joins TriForce Tokens

Vadim Bulatov

We are pleased to announce the first rock solid member of our “Games Industry Advisory Board”, Vadim Bulatov!

TriForce Tokens welcomes Vadim Bulatov on board

Vadim will be joining TriForce Tokens as a member of our official Games Industry advisory board.

The Games Industry Advisers will be advising TriForce Tokens with the best possible methods and strategies to enter and hold market position. They will also be providing us their thoughts and feelings on how TriForce Tokens can improve its products and services, as well as providing fantastic networking opportunities.

An Introduction to Vadim Bulatov

Vadim Bulatov is the Marketing Lead in large Free-to-Play games. He started his career in the gaming industry in 2011 when he became part of the operations team for the game World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a hugely popular Free-to-Play game with over 140 million players worldwide, across multiple gaming platforms. Since then, Vadim has worked with multiple titles such as World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Blitz (mobile version of World of Tanks) and Master of Orion.

Since then Vadim has been involved in both sides of the operation, working within community development and marketing communications. Vadim has planned, developed and executed integrated social media strategies, boosted growth of social media audience of brands from 0.3 to 5 million. Because of this, World of Tanks community is now the largest in the world. From working with these brands, Vadim has been able to accumulate invaluable and unique experience in both consumer experience and marketing thinking throughout the gaming industry.

Vadim’s Thoughts on TriForce Tokens

Pete Mardell the CEO of TriForce Tokens had the honour of speaking with Vadim and wanted to gather some of his thoughts on why he choose TriForce Tokens.

Pete: “Vadim, if you wouldn’t mind, why did you choose TriForce Tokens?”

Vadim: “Triforce is the only gaming blockchain project that declares as its main goal community collaboration support. It’s very interesting for me. A lot of my current and previous work is within community engagement, so I understand the importance of the gaming community.”

Pete: “Is there anything that you feel that you could bring to TriForce Tokens?”

Vadim: “I have years of experience working with the gaming industry, even more so with community management and marketing. I feel that I would be able to offer a great insight into the industry and assist with my knowledge and know-how.”

Pete: “How do you see the future unfolding for TriForce Tokens?”

Vadim: “There will be significant market of soft game currencies in near future, it is already moving towards that with in-game purchases. I believe that TriForce Tokens can easily fit in.”

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