Global partners on board as TriForce Tokens sails past soft cap, selling over 7.2m tokens worldwide

TriForce Tokens LTD

TriForce Tokens has fully secured its project, raising over 700 ETH within the first 3 days of their pre-sale launch. This includes a strong positive commitment from investment professionals as well as receiving a large contribution from a private venture capital firm for over 380ETH. This means that just over half the available supply of 15,000,000 FORCE tokens have now been acquired, leaving 7.5m remaining for the pre-sale.

The team and project have secured an incredibly bright future as it approaches its $1.5m pre-sale goal. Alongside its wealth of impressive partnerships, the TriForce Tokens project has begun its journey to become the world’s most adopted and universal games and entertainment cryptocurrency.

There are still 7m tokens remaining at the highest 25% discount rate, join here.

What makes the project so unique?

At its core, TriForce Tokens is bringing players to indie game developers, giving them incredibly natural ways to retain players, leading to more profitable business models.

This is done through unique reward mechanisms built into several applications, like our scheduled mobile app release, RaidParty. It’s just one way for gamers to earn from in-game achievements and collaborate together — even across games and platforms — for a more rewarding gaming experience for everyone.

Additionally, because TriForce Tokens is creating new value, the technology is now being positioned as an indie developer incubator for the Latin America market through our partnership with the largest games entertainment publisher in Latin America, with over 1 million users.

No other gaming token is positioned to become such a widely adopted currency, as we now have opportunities for real world usage outside of simple in-game asset trading.

Leading Games Industry Advisers

Our vision has attracted the attention of some impressive gaming industry leaders, including:

Former world champion of CS:GO, Danny Montaner and former manager to the world’s largest and most popular gaming organisation, Faze Clan. Danny approached TriForce CEO Pete Mardell, and they instantly identified a shared vision for collaboration and positive value to the gaming community.

Danny Montaner
“ TriForce Tokens quickly caught my attention with the aim of being a community centered token. Not only are there various forms of protection and security, there is everything you would need to engage in your community. Also, it is important to note that there are multiple sources of revenue generation that until now have been untapped for any content creator and developer. This is something the industry lacks as there are no profitable solutions to engage in the community, while growing it and securing it. TriForce Tokens not only seems to solve a lot of these issues, but also implements an honorary system to keep the community fun and safe for everyone.”
~ Danny Montaner, @OfficialfRoD

Vadim Bulatov, currently Head of Social Marketing at, the creators of World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships, some of the biggest free-to-play games in the industry. Vadim also approached Pete Mardell, following the project’s vision of community collaboration and recognising that cryptocurrency is positioned to revolution the gaming world at a business level.

Vadim Bulatov
“TriForce Tokens is the only gaming blockchain project that declares as its main goal community collaboration support. It’s very interesting for me. A lot of my current and previous work is within community engagement, so I understand the importance to the gaming community.”
~ Vadim Bulatov


The team has secured an impressive network of partnerships including globally recognisable organisations and institutions: Coventry University, TIGA, LDJ Capital run by David Drake (Leading expert on ICO Bench) and many others.

Most impressively is the project’s recent partnership with Busca Todo: owners of and — Latin America’s largest video game content providers. This entertainments industry group has over 7 million active visitors and 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ramon Toledo

President Founder Ramon Toledo and his team are working closely with us to position our FORCE cryptocurrency beyond just a gaming token, but as an entertainment industry token, building real world utilisation through strategic partnerships.

How to get involved

Larger token buyers are encouraged to engage with the team through the contact form here.

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