International Communications Manager: Aida Alexie joins the project

TriForce Tokens welcomes Aida onto the team

Not only is Aida Alexie a beautiful woman, she is extremely intelligent with a broad range of languages under her belt. Originally from Romania, Aida moved to the UK when she was in her teenage years. She went on to study her BA Hons in International Business with French and Spanish at the University of Westminster. As part of her degree, Aida had to travel to and study within a Spanish speaking country. Aida was drawn to Barcelona, where she completed her entire Erasmus programme. Almost immediately after graduating, Aida decided to move back to Barcelona to follow a career in marketing.

It didn’t take Aida long to make quick progress in her career; She managed to become the office manager within a year, and is now the executive assistant within a well established online marketing company.

Amazingly, Aida speaks, reads and writes all of the following fluently; Romanian, English, Spanish, French.

Why did we choose Aida?

Aida has been helping us behind the scenes already to communicate with non English speaking contributors within the community. She has been a massive help to the team with this and so we offered her the opportunity to join us, which she graciously accepted.

She plans to help us with our international communications with the community, to ensure that we appropriately address our audiences and answer everyone with sound and accurate information. Spanish and French are two of the most commonly spoken languages, so to have a member of the team who can communicate in those languages is a huge asset to the project.

Why did Aida choose to join us?

Jake Ashby, the General Manager here at TriForce Tokens originally spoke with Aida and wanted to gather her thoughts. Here’s an excerpt from her response:

Jake: I’m just curious, why did you choose us over some of the other projects out there? Why take time out of your busy day to help us?

Aida: I decided to help you because I found the project very interesting. Having worked in the online industry for quite some time, I understand this is the future of all businesses and I wanted to get myself involved in something similar.

Jake: Okay, yes I agree, the blockchain industry is going much more mainstream it seems. However, if I remember correctly you aren’t really into gaming. So, what are your thoughts on our products/services?

Aida: I believe in the products/services that TriForce Tokens is offering. I am confident that they are successful. Sure, I’m not massively involved in the gaming industry, but it’s clear to see that this project has a really strong vision and is going to be successful. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something that will most likely be huge in the years to come?

Jake: Thank you for your kind and supportive comments, I am glad to see that you share our vision.

Aida’s uncontrollable excitement

Lets give her a warm welcome!

We are excited to have her as part of the team and we look forward to working together.

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