StockTwits Triggers

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with StockTwits to offer the newest trigger type: triggers on the StockTwits stream!

A few months ago we introduced Twitter triggers to make triggers on conversations and breaking news events as easy as a simple price trigger. Now, you can also trigger on your favorite people on StockTwits when they talk about specific stocks, any ticker or any stocks in your watchlist in Trigger. We wanted to bring the trigger functionality to the thought leaders and people you love, and what better than to trigger on the premier community for investors and traders.

When a StockTwits trigger fires, Trigger will display the sentiment of the message along with a short preview, and with one touch you can easily go to the StockTwits app or mobile website to check out the full conversation.

Easily copy triggers from the collections list of StockTwits users!

To help you get started, we’ve curated two collections featuring Fundamental and Technical thought leaders in the StockTwits community. Get notified when they are chatting about a ticker (even crypto coins)!

This is just the first of many types of StockTwits community triggers — stay tuned for more!

The Trigger Team