What is a Trigger

A trigger is a simple, yet powerful IF THIS THEN THAT statement that can turn any financial or world event into an action on your portfolio. A trigger will get “triggered” or “fired” whenever the event that you cared about occurs, like if GOOG last traded price went above $80o or if the Federal Reserve raised interest rates. Once a trigger was fired, you can either receive a notification or actually place an order with your existing brokerage account.

Triggers in a previous life were known as conditional orders, but they are getting a makeover. When you hear of a limit order, that is one type of trigger. For example, a limit order is really saying “If stock X trades at Y price, then buy/sell stock Y at Y or better”. It’s all IF THIS THEN THAT. Triggers, when put in the context of your investing strategy are ways to capture market opportunities that were only available to you if you were watching the stock market all day long.

In the old world, we could only trigger on a very limited set of data like the last traded price of a stock, yearly lows/highs and percent change on days. While these are important indicators, the possibilities of triggering on any real time data is essentially endless. Ever wish you could trigger on Twitter sentiment on Chipotle? Or on elections of a South American country? That world is opening up, straight on your phone.

A trigger getting fired! A progress bar fills up until the condition is met

Trigger currently supports 4 types of triggers:

Stock Price Movements

You can trigger on real time stock statistics like last traded price, percent change on day, intraday and yearly low/highs, closing and opening price, volume, halted trading and so many more to come. Straight off the tape provided by Nasdaq.

Economic Events

You hear about how economic events affect the market, but who actually keeps track of what gets released and when? You can trigger on any type of US economic event, like the Fed Interest Rate decision, GDP, Retail Sales, Nonfarm Payrolls, Unemployment Rate and more, all in real time. Only a Bloomberg terminal can give you that!

Corporate Fundamentals

Want to get Nike earnings before CNBC covers it? Trigger can give you the latest earnings releases from the companies you care about the minute they release it to the world. You can trigger on earnings per share and revenue, P/E ratio, market cap and more to come.

Portfolio Events

Finally, we can trigger on events that happen in your own portfolio. If you link your eTrade account, we can trigger on the total and daily returns on your individual holdings or portfolio as a whole, let you know on long term capital gain events, and total value of your portfolio. No more logging into your brokerage and keep up to date with it!

Our mission and goal is to let you trigger on any type of data. We have the ability to trigger on twitter sentiment, commodities, currencies, technical indicators, bitcoin, weather events and so much more. We bring these events to you in real time and help you turn your investment ideas into reality. One trigger at a time.