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on Product Hunt

Before Product Hunt

Initially it was nerve-wracking trying to sync App store review process to the moment of being hunted on Product Hunt.

On top of all the above coordination, our team flew into SF for the Launch Festival. 12 hour flight plus 15 hour difference equates to crazily jet lagged. Before going to bed we notice we were hunted by a Hunted by @karlclement, although it was hidden from the front page, we were not quite 100% sure how Trigger 1.0 launch would proceed.

We were so tired from the stupid flight times, that we fell asleep.

Being Hunted

By the early morning on the 28th of February, in a lucid dream state, the notification we set for App store sign-up and email registration went crazy. We woke up with puffy eyes check our iTunes Connect, Google Analytics etc. We saw the traffic being driven via Product Hunt.

We were trending on Product Hunt!

We started letting our friends know about Trigger trending on Product Hunt. But hey we haven’t been invited to the community and marked as makers yet.

We checked our twitter, and @erictwillis, a top hunter and mod on Product, recommend our twitter account and marked us as makers. So James and I jump straight into comments on our PH page, trying to communicate and understand other hunters’ feedback. The community was very active in giving us feedback both on our product and our communication of our app.

In retrospect, we could have iterated and iterated and tested and tested like forever, but letting go a bit of control to step out and face an amazing community was unreplicatable. It is a completely different than in a controlled environment.

Everyone knows PH drives amazing traffic numbers but I think more important is the where users interested in understanding the app and give feedback, positive criticism and all. There has been a few post on the number side. I will just quickly recap ours.

more important is the where users interested in understanding the app and give feedback, positive criticism and all.

More than traffic…

We ranged from 1st to eventually dropping to top-5 for the day we were hunted with 139 upvotes. The first day itself drove about 3,000 unique page views, and the following week into was over 6,000.

In total, Product Hunt referred just under 2,000 iOS downloads, which is a bit north 30% conversion rate, given the feedback, we feel could refine both our value proposition and create better experience.

After Hunted

Plus 1,200 waiting list to web and android.

that means more work and more responsibilities for us to create better experience to fulfil our supporters…

Don’t forget

the Product Hunt Taipei Meetup on April 7th!

With the a special collection from the makers from Taipei! Write up of the meetup coming soon!! And also our relaunch of Trigger 3.0 recently.

June update

In celebration of Product Hunt Global week, we will co-host with Product Hunt again next week. Big thanks to @eriktorenberg, PH team, and the PH global community.

Trigger News

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