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Businesses across categories are shutting down or downsizing for just left in a state of paralysis with the current economic environment. High Overheads, Reducing Sales, Longer Sale Cycles, Longterm Financial Stability, Diminishing Cashflow, Overwhelming Credit Cycles etc are making it difficult and scary even for the boldest and most optimistic business owner.

But all is not lost and the future is actually a lot brighter & positive that we can currently see. It is just that non of us have ever had to deal with this kind of problem in our lifetime.

Yes, times are tough … But they have always been tough
Yes, it is going to get harder … But anything worth having, is going to be a fight.
Yes, change is difficult … But without change how can things get better

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” ~ Napoleon Hill

In the current pandemic, consumers are experiencing a Loss of Power. They are forced to change habits (ex going out with friends, movies, shopping, travel, indulgences etc) and adopt new realities (social distancing, face masks, higher hygiene standards, improve money management etc). Our world has changed at least for the perceivable future.

People are innovative non the less (Friday night drinks with the boys continued … now via Wassapp video calls. Weekend Family Movies continued … now movies are streamed).

The point is, while some things may change, Consumers will continue to want what they don’t have — (even during a pandemic) and will find a way to get it.

So how should Businesses conduct Marketing to Consumers in these trying times?

To find the answer, here are 4 powerful question guides to ask and answer; considering the pandemic crisis:


​While no one can accurately predict the end of this crisis, it is highly unlikely that consumers will revert to prior habits even after the pandemic. The future is unwritten and is filled with endless possibilities if your up-to the challenge.

Need Help Redesigning Your Marketing Approach?

Trigger Worldwide is a Growth Marketing Agency, built specifically for SME’s and Startups to create Sustainable Business Growth. Our proprietary tools and process methodologies harness Technology, Creativity & Innovation, leverage Economic Drivers and Consumer Beliefs to help SME’s achieve their Growth Agenda’s.


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