One of the early photos taken with a Triggertrap Ada prototype.

Triggertrap Ada FAQs

Haje Jan Kamps
Jan 31, 2017 · 16 min read

Questions answered in this document

Are you still bringing Triggertrap Ada to market?

Where can I find source code, schematics, etc, for Triggertrap Ada?

Can’t you just raise additional funds to deliver Ada?

Did you really have a working prototype when the Kickstarter project started?

Doesn’t the Kickstarter Terms of Service say you must give a full refund?

How is it possible to fail, when you asked for £50k in your Kickstarter goal but received £290k?

Is it possible to place a smaller order of Ada, for the people who REALLY want one?

What about the IPR and the work done to date?

What does Kickstarter say about Triggertrap Ada’s failure to deliver?

What do you recommend as a high-speed trigger instead of Triggertrap Ada?

What if we added additional funds / upgrades on BackerKit?

What is the status of the refunds?

What would it take to make Ada happen at this point? Can I contribute more money?

When did you find out this was going to happen?

What is Vela, and how does it relate to Triggertrap?

Why aren’t you sending out the cables / dongles that were part of the backer rewards?

Why aren’t you offering a full refund?

Why can I get 50% refund in the shop, but only 20% refund via Kickstarter?

Why is Triggertrap not shouldering any of the risk?

Where did all the money go?

Would it be possible to make a kit / DIY version of Ada?

Where can I inspect the audited accounts for the Ada project?

Triggertrap Playbook

A look behind the scenes at Triggertrap

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    Triggertrap Playbook

    A look behind the scenes at Triggertrap