Triggertrap Mobile still works on iPhone 7

Pretty it ain’t, and you can’t charge your phone while you use Triggertrap Mobile… But it still works, which is the main thing for now!

Great news for fans of iPhone 7 and Triggertrap Mobile — you don’t have to do anything to continue using your existing kit! The Lightning-to-headphone adapter that comes bundled with your phone still works!

Ugh, there was $10 I didn’t want to spend

We were able to get our mitts on one of the adapters and tested it with an iPhone 6+ and an iPhone 6s last week. This week, we were able to test with an iPhone 7 Plus as well, and, as expected, that too works great.

Pretty packaging, though, so that’s something
Not that interesting from this angle, to be fair

Yay! We are continuing work to try to figure out a way for us to offer a solution where you can charge your device while doing long-term. For now, there’s this $40 “solution” from Belkin, but we haven’t tested it out yet. Stay tuned.