May 25, 2018 · 10 min read

The alpha release of the Triggmine product, an email-marketing automation platform powered by AI and blockchain technologies, was created as a response to various challenges business are facing with. It has laid the foundation for the development of the more global product — decentralized marketing automation platform for eCommerce.

Today we want to share with you the story behind the first version of Triggmine. Why did we create it? What’s it about? How does it work? Let’s delve deep into all details together and see the fountainhead of that Triggmine is today.

Why did we create Triggmine?

We saw that there are plenty of business challenges that could be solved with email marketing automation. This channel for communication with the users was never more difficult to operate than now. Not only the GDPR (that comes into force just today, May 25) spoiling the party but also sending emails itself gets more complicated. Businesses want to target consumers as precisely as possible, dividing them into different groups and tracking every littlest action. However, the software that currently exists does not allow implementing even a half of promising ideas.

Problem №1 — The data goes nowhere

Theoretically, email marketing instruments allow to receive customer insights and track audience behavior. Marketers can collect important data and manage it, improving the efficiency of the campaign.

Practically, there is no way for SMEs to collect, and, most importantly, manage that much data. All services business owners work with fall into one of two categories: complicated solutions or crude tools. Either you have thousands of functions which take forever to master, or you have sad little functional which leaves no space for extensive research.

The Bermuda Quadrant of Email Marketing

In this Bermuda Quadrant, all the ships of hopeful email marketers sail and disappear.

Complex-features trap

Business owners can reach higher grounds building more complex metrics and using more comprehensive analytics. Realistically, they get lost in the endless functionality, need professional support every step of the way, and end up feeling helpless. By the time someone realized the ship has sailed, it’s usually too late. There is no benefit from the collected data just because its processing, storing, and management are too complicated.

The journey is over.

Primitive-features trip

Simplicity is the future. Marketers and business owners open one of these ‘easy-to-learn’ tools for email marketing. This often results in a huge disappointment . Practice shows that metrics and analytics are seriously limited. Existing services for email marketing do not unleash the full potential of your business.

This means that you collect data but can’t benefit from it.

Problem №2 — Email marketing takes all the time but brings no money

Email marketing is far from being the only thing business owner has to take care about. Investments, sales, customer acquisition, logistics — on this list of priorities email marketing is far away from being in top positions. What is the reason?

The effects are unpredictable, business owners and marketers depend on mailing service algorithms and won’t necessarily benefit from all the efforts. Moreover, this is not only remotely the half of concerns. In addition, email marketing requires:

  • An experienced marketing specialist to take care of campaign settings and analytics;
  • A set of tools to send, analyze, evaluate, and manage the process;
  • Constant efforts towards content creation — writing texts and designing emails
  • Commitment and discipline: the emails should regularly be sent, or there is just no sense.

Back in the days, everything was more accessible. There was a list of addresses somewhere in Excel — and it was enough. You could be sure that having an address base means receiving the full and undivided attention of at least half of recipients.

Now, the audience is divided. To get 15–20% recipients to at least open your letter, email marketers go to hell and back. Getting these numbers now means:

  • Dividing the audience into segments based on their demographics, interests, behaviors;
  • Creating separate campaigns for each segment to target each of them more precisely;
  • Monitoring the feedback and answer in time;
  • Maintaining comprehensive analytics and evaluating the results.

As for a development company, it was evident for us to address these concerns with an automated tech solution

Gartner recently noted that several factors — including “rising marketing message volumes, a growing priority on real-time interactions, and increasing consumer expectations for personalized interactions and content” — are leading retailers to focus greater attention on email marketing campaigns. Hence, the perfect email-sending instrument should provide SMEs the capability to launch campaigns that work by pressing a single button, with no need to spend time on prolonged integration, tedious adjustments, and manual A/B testing.

In Triggmine, Artificial Intelligence takes care of segmenting target audience, launching a campaign and making sure it works

Constant target audience research achieves successful email marketing. In Triggmine, we designed an intelligent system to take care of all stages of analysis and segmentation.

How does such system work?

Let us consider a straightforward example — an e-commerce store. You visit a store, register, select items to your shopping cart, add leave the website in the middle of the process. In a while, you’ll get a text or an email that you’ll have a discount after complete discount.

So this is a typical ‘trigger system’. The service pays attention to two actions:

  1. the user almost completed a purchase;
  2. the user left a website.

The system is smart enough to connect these two actions into a logical system: the user left a website but the purchase was almost complete. It means the discount could bring him back. This triggers the email — all automatically, with no human assistance or interaction.

Artificial Intelligence analyzes actions and turns them into emails

In Triggmine, AI can analyze customer buying behaviors, demographics, interests, digital history, interactions with specific product categories.

By using the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’, we mean an entire set of modern technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, (micro) experiments and feedback systems, image processing, and so forth.

In Triggmine, AI collects customer behavior real-time and transforms them into insights that later will turn into emails

The Triggmine possibilities are not limited with collecting insights. Most importantly, the AI-powered automated platform is actually capable of building an email-strategy and setting a campaign. The algorithms can determine:

  • structure of the promotion;
  • offer amount;
  • a sequence of email chain;
  • subject line keywords;
  • alternatives for email body creative;
  • delivery time;
  • and the list goes on.

As a blockchain company, we have plenty of the possibilities to improve email marketing

What problems does Triggmine solve with blockchain?

For email marketers, security is a pain in the neck, especially now when GDPR limits communication with the users. If AI collects so much data, how will holders and users make sure it’s all done by the book? However, as it always works, with a limitation, there is still innovation.

Our secure solution

The advantage of decentralized systems (that’s what Triggmine is) is that marketers don’t depend on SaaS solutions anymore. The third party doesn’t have access to private information, like bank accounts or photo ID. Nobody can block your profile or take a look at the data. Not only it means freedom, but, what’s more importantly from the legal perspective, it fully complies with GDPR.

What are the benefits of Triggmine?

Human intervention is not required anymore

Endless lists, customer databases, email campaign configurations — it will all fall into history. With an automated network, humans don’t even have to touch the settings.

From an online store — to Triggmine — to campaign settings — to the campaign, and it’s all automated

Application will learn

Machine learning is a crucial technology, implemented in our automated email-sending platform. Triggmine continually improves its performance, learns different scenarios and develops new algorithms. The best part is, it is learning much faster than a human being.

Triggmine receives a new user scenario, finds a key solution, and makes the profit out of it

Personal touch

When testing Triggmine, we saw that it could be more ‘thoughtful’ than its human colleague (no wonder here, humans are much more self-obsessed than robots). The Triggmine system analyzes each user behavior, determines the reasons (try to find a human email marketer who’d cope) and assess the responses to incentives. It also defines the level of the aggressiveness of the campaign — the persuasion of the campaign on different stages of the life cycle uniquely for each customer.

Triggmine analyzes email-subscribers and finds strategies to improve the efficiency

Triggmine data protection algorithms

To make sure the information won’t be leaked, the network uses trustless data validation model and Byzantine faults.

  • Personal and private data is secured by a private key held by the data owner. No other network participants have access to the reports and received insights.
  • All the data is strongly encrypted so even if hackers manage to break through the wall of private keys, they won’t be able to benefit from the information.
  • The chosen decentralized computing network with provable consensuses and algorithms like TrueBit, Prometheus, and Microsoft Pinocchio ensures correctness of user data computations using selected algorithms and models.
  • Delivery is done with SSL/TLS signed responses from mail servers to the network for each sent mail.
  • Campaign analysis is inaccessible to analytical agencies but easily available to the mail sender. Instrument users will have no problem managing data, and it will be accessible only to them since all insights will be embedded into analytical URLs (as 0-sized pictures, etc.).

It’s not only email marketers who benefit from Triggmine

The paradox is, our email marketing automation service can be used in way more fields than just email marketing — both in business and technology.

Business owners are on top of all things

Not just email marketing. The data, collected by Triggmine initially for email marketing, gives insights for all interactions with customers. Email marketers will know how visitors behave on different site pages, their reactions to various kinds of incentives, what motivates them (or annoys). This information can be used in sales, product design, website development, content marketing, social media management, public communication and many more.

AI-researchers and developers will shine

Triggmine is a dream for AI-enthusiast. Not only it gives an entire environment to explore but also provides countless possibilities for cooperation and partnership. Triggmine is just one proof of how far AI can go, and it’s only the beginning of the way.

For crypto enthusiasts
The real challenge for blockchain developers and investors is to find a worthwhile project. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, it’s getting more and more difficult to find valuable projects — not just bubbles. Triggmine is a possibility to contribute to an actual business solution.


When business owners work with human email marketers, they all promise skyrocketing stats and sales. Then it doesn’t happen (of course), and there is no way of evaluating the final results. You end up paying for words, not for sales.

That’s because humans don’t sign Smart Contract — and Triggmine does

For the very first time, email marketing instrument accepts financial responsibility for the business results. Triggmine gives all the necessary recommendations for marketers to achieve much better results. The AI guidance, based on benchmarks and industry specifics, is basically building the strategy for you. The only thing to do is to follow.

How does the smart contract work?

The agreement defines responsibilities for both parties — the user and the service. Email marketer can change her responsibilities and service will automatically adjust its guarantees. Take a look at the example:

A user has a goal to acquire 1 000 registrations per month. It will be his/her obligation.

The service has to convert at least 30% of these 1 000 registrations, or even further — from this 30% generate 3% of sales within next 2 weeks. If that is achieved, Triggmine gets rewarded. Paying only for results.

Profit: specifying the conditions (goals, dates, methods) and achieving it together with your AI-assistant.


Manual have certain advantages, but businesses have to switch to the automated assistant to stay competitive. It’s not a tech-savvy trend but a necessity that determines leadership in e-commerce. SMEs look up to bigger companies following their level of customer obsession and tech development, but it’s no secret that their resources are limited. Triggmine fills this gap perfectly.

Doing marketing (and especially email-marketing) in 2018 is tough. Doing is the old-fashioned way is almost impossible: the stakes are too high, the regulations are too strict.

However, to every limitation, there is innovation. In 2018, we have blockchain and AI — and we can use these technologies for marketing. Triggmine combines these technologies and reduces human interaction to a minimum. It builds strategy, collects and processes data, and starts the campaign — just like a human email-marketer, only with no weekends and sick days.

What could be automated, shouldn’t be done manually. Triggmine is just a case in point. AI-algorithms can already outperform a vast majority of human email-marketers, not talking about traditional sending systems. With blockchain technology, the security issue is covered as well. The network even takes total responsibility for results signing a smart contract and providing clear outcomes.

It looks like email marketing will never be the same anymore.

Triggmine’s alpha-release is already launched and we are moving further. Check our website and stay tuned for the latest updates to know more about Triggmine.


A decentralized platform for marketing automation


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A decentralized platform for marketing automation

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