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Over the last few months we have been diligently and quietly working on the development of our global asset tokenization platform that will allow real assets generating real revenues to be tokenized in compliance with existent regulations worldwide.

We have signed substantial tokenization agreements with small, medium and large entities in multiple industries with solid business plans in need of capital for growth and /or expansion.

In the second half of 2018 we will tokenizing a football club in Spain that has a project to ascend to first division in La Liga in Spain within the next 3–5 years. This business case is very interesting since we would not only be able to solve the struggling financial situation of an important sport club institution with a 6o years-history, but also to be a positive social influence enabling the creation of a youth football foundation that will take in thousands of kids between 6 to 16 years old to practice the sport after school every week year round.

Our tokenized Trillion VC fund is actively doing due diligence on very promising new ventures overlapping AI, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

We will be releasing our whitepaper and information memorandum very soon. We don’t feel the need of being the first, but are obsessed with doing things right. The space is evolving and adapting constantly, this situation requires smart thinking, analyzing the game from the bleachers and working hard when nobody is looking.

I have always been a great admirer of Elliot Management. This hedge fund has been around for over 40 years generating consistent returns to their investors and adding great value to the companies where they invest in. Up to recently they just had a splash web page with a picture of NY as their website (which they upgraded it)and they have over US$35B in assets under management. In other words, at the end of the day, it is all about execution. Plain and simple.

Exciting and interesting times.

Trillion VC

Trilion VC is a fully regulated tokenized venture capital…

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