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Cloud in a Box — A Platform for Cloud Services

Imagine a software sitting next to your application server that works as glue between your application and cloud/on-premise services. Say, such software comes in a box, much like an appliance, and can be deployed in a single click. It has the following features to get you started. This will accelerate and simplify your software development.

  1. Security — Authentication, authorization, UI (open source)

If we ignore all other features, the top 3 can get you far along in your journey and let you focus on the functionality of the application. If you include other features you can probably be 50–70% there. In some cases, more. The best part is that it is a plug-and-play architecture. Even if you want to build your own services — why now? Why not after the delivery of the MVP. The requirements will become clear and you will be able to do it right.

The major business advantage is that you will not be bogged down by framework and infrastructure issues. You will get something in front of the customer in 1/4th time. You will be able to generate revenue and acquire customers sooner.

What is such a Platform?

Trillo Workbench is such a platform packaged as a container or Kubernetes Cluster. The Kubernetes cluster or the container is the box we referred to earlier.

How does it work?

Trillo Workbench provides its own console for customization and configuration.

  1. Specify a custom data model using its UI to get Data as a Service.

Where and how is it deployed?

Trillo Workbench is a set of microservices packaged as a Kubernetes Cluster (or container for an application not requiring failover and scalability). It can be deployed in your Google Cloud with a single click from Google Market Place.

How to upgrade?

The newer versions of the platform microservices are pushed to the Google Container registry. Change the docker image version in the YAML file and the service will come up with the new release.


Trillo Workbench provides several services to your application using API. For clarity, only a few of Google Cloud Services are shown. There are several more that Trillo Workbench integrates with.

Trillo Workbench provides several services to your application using API

What Cloud Services It Integrates with?

Trillo Workbench integrates with the following Google Cloud Services:

  1. Google Cloud Storage

Full Functionality of Trillo Platform

  1. Security — User Management, Google class identity management backed by cloud identity platform, role, and group-based access control, network security, OAuth 2.0 for API access. Data loss prevention, data redaction using Google Cloud Services.

Trillo Workbench Console UI

Trillo Workbench UI

Trillo File Manager

Trillo File Manager UI

User, Group, Role Management

Trillo User, Group, Role Management UI



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