Jimmy Mohsin
Sep 9 · 1 min read

Ecom Electronics Case Study: Application Portfolio and Business Migration to GCP for modernization and future-proofing

Customer Profile

Ecom Electronics is an eCommerce business located in Edison, NJ. Ecom has 30+ years of experience in their business vertical. Ecom does multiple things in this vertical, e.g. order acceptance and processing from multiple websites, order fulfillment for third party sellers, and warehousing a wide range of electronics goods. Ecom is a growing, vibrant, and forward-looking business in its vertical.

Business Problem

Ecom was using an on-premise solution for managing their business operations, which included web & application servers and databases. Given the age of their solution, Ecom was running into performance issues to the extent that their business was being impacted.


Trillo helped solve Ecom’s issues by migrating their solution to GCP. Trillo helped solve the Ecom issues by identifying the correct GCP infrastructure. Trillo collaborated with Ecom’s offshore development & maintenance team as part of this effort. This project entailed the recreation of a bare metal application server in the Google Cloud; this server was operating seven different websites. Some of the specific technical challenges that the Trillo team overcame included:

  • Divergent codebases for each of the seven websites
  • Managing a distinct source code repository for each website
  • Migrating several dozen scheduled jobs that manage the order fulfillment process


Ecom was successfully migrated to the GCP cloud in a timely manner and is now operating wholly on the GCP infrastructure. Their monthly costs are now lower, and all their business processes are running very smoothly.


Trill Application Platform, Serverless Model-Driven

Jimmy Mohsin

Written by

VP, Product Management at Trillo Inc., the industry-leading low-code platform (www.trillo.io)


Trill Application Platform, Serverless Model-Driven

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