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Google Translate Recipe — Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed at a high level, what is a recipe and how Google Cloud Services can be consumed as recipes in a solution. To recap, a recipe is a small program that runs as a serverless function inside Trillo Workbench. A recipe for a Google Service integrates with that service and provides an easy and customizable interface to make use of it.

In this article, we will discuss an end-to-end solution built using a recipe for the Google Translate Service.

In a couple of hours, a user can build a workflow to process and translate any number of files (thousands, millions, or more).

The solution discussed here has the following requirements — these are typical of several use cases. Some of them, we will visit in future blogs in greater detail.

Building the Solution using Trillo Workbench

The above steps provide a scalable service for translation in a few hours or a day's work. The beauty is that each step is customizable. The table columns are customizable. For example, you can use another API automatically provided for the table to store the correction made by end-users in the translated text.

You can easily extend the functionality — such as computing the accuracy of translation using another recipe. Or, you can use translated and corrected results to train a model.

Simply replace the Google Translate recipe with NLP entity extraction, you can visualize that a similar workflow can work for the entity extraction.

Recap of Developer User Tasks

In order to build the solution, a developer user carries out the following tasks.

Construct a workflow to translate 1000s of files using Google Translate

Screenshots of the Workflow

The following screenshots provide a visual overview of the workflow discussed above.

Click here to see the screenshots of steps used to construct the above workflow using Trillo Workbench



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