Bearded Flowers

According to the researches of Mississippi State University, it’s proved that beard, with the nitrogen it contains, is nutritious for plants. When we have such scientific data from a very serious and important institution, we decided to grow this idea and watch it blooming.

With the campaign of Braun “Trim Your Love”, we invited men to trim & shape their beard and plant the remaining beard to the soil afterwards. Accordingly, men planted their beard to the pots we gave since 1st of February until 14th of February and looked well-groomed to their lovers during this time.

Ladies Do Not Like Beard

It’s understood that the idea of “ladies do not like beard” is completely wrong after the first shave experience. The truth is ladies do not like intertwined, shaggy, and stubble beards. The unfamiliar after shave appearances of men are probably the evidence of different, weird expressions in the mirror. On the other side, there are countless options for shaped beards. Braun 9 in 1 Grooming Kit has just designed for men to reach this goal with its’ different combinations.

Flower is A Cliché Gift Or Not?

Is it? Not really!

Labeling flowers, which has a great story of beauty for centuries, as a cliche is just like soiling… Throwing mud… Bad mouth… Really the worst one…

Parfume, clothes, shoes, necklace… Valentine’s Day is a day containing a large number of gifts as much as containing mass production ones. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift, buying a flower is perceived as a cut corner. So, this very special day requests very special gifts as well.

The Most Romantic Gift Of The World

All of those different subjects seems like they have the leading roles on different topics. Indeed, they all come together at one common point to create the most meaningful and romantic gift on Valentine’s Day. “Trim Your Love” campaign started with shaped bearded men’s trimming their beard and planting it to the soil as the idea of “The Most Romantic Gift Of The World “.

Shaped beards feeded both the flowers and also the love they feel for their lovers.

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