Braun Bundle of Love

The “Trim Your Love” campaign we launched in Cevahir Teknosa Store on February 1 is open for anyone until February 14 due to Braun’s 9 in 1 Grooming Kit with a very special bundle pack.

The participants prepared the most romantic gift in the world for their lovers by the complimentaries given with Braun Grooming Kit which is sold in preconcerted Teknosa Stores.

What’s in the pack?

1- New Braun 9 in 1 Grooming Kit.

To shape beards and supply the necessary nutrition for flowers.

2- Flowerpots

A blue home that will show your flower as shaped as your beard.

3- Seed Rain

To grow your flower as much as your love, we give you the seeds as right as rain.

4- Shovel

Everyone needs a help sometimes, particularly for such an attentive gift.

5- Guide

Men like to make installation while reading guide, no matter if it’s a furniture or a flower.

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