How Beards to Flowers?

First, put on the coat in the bundle pack to keep every single part of your beard cos your love cannot be wasted.

Second, use Braun Bavaria and shape your beard as a real artist.

Get the shovel in the bundle to take beards on the coat and use it to plant to soil. Do the same every day.

Kalanchoe does not like the lunch sun, expose it to the horizontal sunlight 2 or 3 hours a day.

If the humic soil is mixed with quartz sand, and pumice stone, it becomes a wonderful home to kalanchoe.

If the humus is mixed with soil, quartz sand and pumice stone, it becomes a wonderful home for the kalanchoe.

Kalanchoe irrigated with drinking water grows with love.

Don’t forget! Kalanchoe is a real love-flower. The more you care, the better she will be.

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