Shaving Beard in Store

It’s probably a different feeling to be shaved in a techno-store, surrounded by HDMI converters on the one side, plasma televisions on the other side while everyone’s eyes on you…

We organized an event in Cevahir Teknosa Store on 1st of February. In this event, the participants wear their coat and shaved their beard in front of the mirror. They planted kalanchoes to the special pots with beard accumulated on the coat.

Cem Belevi, singer & actor; Bora Cengiz, actor; Serhat Osman Karagoz, a social media influencer, Serkan Demirci, a photographer; Uras Benlioglu and Cem Korkmaz, two famous Youtubers trimmed their beard and plant it to the pots for growing their flowers to give their lovers until 14th of February.

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