The History of Giving Flowers

Would anyone tell whenever a single red rose or a huge flower bouquet reaches to its’ target hands and does not put a smile on her face, no matter who sender is?

Even a trophical bird which comes on to a female uses flowers to impress her. Whispers of flowers spread around as a fig leaf, sometimes to portray people’s loves, and sometimes to make a sweet apology. By the time of progress, giving flowers to someone becomes a pleasant attitude in the limelight.

Flowers Of History

Even if the specific meaning and the rituals change time to time, it’s thought that giving flowers to someone is a kind of communication effort. As a way of communication, giving flowers is accepted as ritual comes from ancient times of humanity. There are thousands and millions of myths and stories points this ritual in Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese. It can be accepted as a good proof for the importance of flowers. Moreover, the relation of flowers and gods in Ancient Greek is an unignorable fact.

Language Of Flowers

The proofs of the importance of giving flowers in the historical cultures dates back to Medieval Age. In the middle of century, it’s understood that every single flower has a different meaning from each other during the visit of French and British to Turkey. After the years, giving flowers in Turkey kept its’ meaning and importance as the most romantic gift for the one you’re in love with.

Victorian Age

Victorian Age is known as a time period that everyone hides their feelings and express them by flowers. In fact, every type of flowers mean something else considering their colour, size, combinations, and the positions. For example, one reversed pink flower meant the verse of that whatever the pink flower means in normal.

Flowerish Messages

There had been many books that was written in this age to tell what those given flowers mean specifically and which secrets they hide. You were able express pages of your feelings without saying a single word by giving just a flower. Moreover, “The Secret Languages of Flowers Books” which were written by different authors makes different explanations and commentaries for a single flower. Lovers of this age were refusing to say a single word, but reading pages of flower commentaries instead.