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Announcement on Delay in ESOP Unlocking and Foundation Lock-up Change

Dear Trinity community,

In view of the current market conditions, the Trinity Foundation decided to cancel all TNC (around 180 million) rewards for the team originally scheduled to be unlocked in February 2019. The ESOP reward program is expected to be postponed for one year and will be considered after February 2020.

The Trinity Foundation will also consider the adoption of mining based on state channels and reward participants, maintainers and contributors of the Trinity network with 333 million TNCs that are locked. The team will detail the program soon and hope to be supported by the community.

During the course of the year, Trinity has completed the state channel protocol layer and developed more tools and applications for users to participate and use. In the development of generalized state channels and cross-chain interaction, the Trinity team encourages each community member to participate in the application, development and expansion. With your support, Trinity will emerge even stronger after the downturn.

Trinity Foundation

January 11, 2019

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