Announcement for the release of the Neo-based Trinity State Channel Protocol

To Global Trinity Users and Supporters:

Trinity is given much attention in the industry since its launch. After months of development and testing, the Neo-based Trinity State Channel Protocol is officially released today. The team would like to express sincere gratitude to all developers, community members, participants, and supporters.

The release of the Trinity State Channel Protocol is a milestone in the course of Trinity development. It is a solid step towards greatly improving the throughput of the underlying chain. It makes real-time payment for the main chain assets, low transaction costs, scalability and privacy protection possible. It means that community developers and users are able to become active participants of the Trinity ecology.

Trinity State Channel is a protocol between the underlying Blockchain and Dapps. It is not a tangible product for users to observe directly. Therefore, the team developed Faucet, Web Wallet, on-line shop, and Neo-based Trinity Network explorer for users to try and explore. Log on to start the experience. (Please see the guidance at the upper right corner)

The release of Trinity Protocol is a landmark, but it is not the end of the journey. This is the real beginning of building a community, an ecosystem and an excellent scaling solution for all. Trinity team will continue the optimization of the Trinity Protocol, making it secure and stable with better user experience. We welcome everyone to experience Trinity, configure nodes (node configuration link: , and develop dapps using the State Channel Protocol.

Trinity team is looking forward to working with the community and pave the way ahead. We sincerely thank all the users who have been supporting us!

Trinity Team

June 27th, 2018