Development ProgressSept 1st — Sept 15th

Sep 15, 2018 · 4 min read


Integration of NEO and ETH in the web version wallet;

Improvement of the stability and scalability of NEO full-node wallet;

Improvement of the persistent connection monitoring;

Enhancement of interfaces’ versatility such as RPC.


Improvement of the robustness of HTLC transactions;

Improvement of the robustness of ETH smart contracts, including increasing the mutual exclusion of critical data;

Completion of automated test development to ensure the effectiveness of the basic functions of RSMC transactions;

Development of automated test cases and scripts for HTLC transactions;

Improvement of the web version wallet transaction;

Continuous optimization and improvement of ETH full nodes;

Completion of the development and testing of the simple node deployment platform.

Expansion Research:

Study the encryption principle and implement the code based on Secp256 curve encryption for BTF model measurement.

Official Release of the ETH-based Trinity State Channel Protocol on the Mainnet

The ETH-based Trinity state channel protocol on the mainnet has been officially released, which means that Trinity has taken a very solid step in the blockchain scalability. Since the ETH mainnet launched, the Trinity network has been running stably. A large number of community members have used Trinity node browser, Trinity faucet, Trinity state channel’s online shopping store, Trinity state channel wallet and other major functions on the state channel experience page. The team uploaded the node deployment file on GitHub. You are welcome to deploy your own node on the test net or the mainnet. At the same time, we sincerely hope that community members can provide us with feedback and other valuable opinions after the experience, so as to enhance the consensus of optimization of the open-source and inclusive Trinity network.

ETH-based Trinity State Channel Protocol on the Mainnet

Trinity Simple Node Deployment Platform

In order to facilitate community users to deploy nodes, Trinity team developed a simple node deployment platform(ETH-based), with which users can complete web-based automation node construction with one click. Trinity team has distributed a quota for the one-click node deployment experience through the server provided by Trinity. Selected users can experience the simple node deployment through the server provided by the team. Considering the users’ preference and security issues, the deployment is only on the test net.

As of September 7th, the application for simple node deployment has ended. Trinity team received many application. Through the comprehensive review of applicants’ activeness, contribution, the amount of token held in their ETH address and the actual situation of Trinity server hardware, scores of applicants were given the opportunity to deploy simple nodes. Emails will be sent to these applicants next week.

Trinity-ETH Network Deployment Guide

Trinity-ETH Network Deployment Help Document has been released. Community users can deploy their own nodes through this link:

Trinity-ETH Network Deployment Guide

ETH-based Trinity State Channel Experience Center

State channel experience page address:

(Please refer to the help file in the upper right corner of the page for the specific use of the following functions)

Announcement of Trinity and NEL Strategic Partnership

Trinity announced the partnership with NEL and work together on the following fronts:

1. Trinity Wallet App will integrate NNS domain name transfer service, which is NEL’s first key operational project.

2. Trinity will work with NEL to advance NEO game ecosystem, co-host technology salons, share Trinity state channel technology in the game field, and improve the performance of game and blockchain integration.

Trinity English Telegram:



Official Website:

Trinity Github :

Trinity Protocol

Universal Off-chain scaling solution. Available at:; Official telegram community:


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Universal Off-chain scaling solution. Available at:; Official telegram community:

Trinity Protocol

Universal Off-chain scaling solution. Available at:; Official telegram community:

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