Beautiful.AI unleashes the storyteller in all of us

The impact of our stories should be limited by our imaginations, not our tools

Karan Mehandru
Trinity Ventures


Image created by me with Beautiful.AI in 1 minute and 40 seconds

We all have stories to tell: of childhoods in lands far way; of sacrifices made in search of a better life; of loves or passions rekindled; and of bittersweet lessons learned from devastating loss. Whether the storyteller is an 8-year-old proudly explaining the science project it took her weeks to complete or a retiree reinventing himself as the entrepreneur he always hoped to be, we all have stories to share and a desire to be genuinely heard.

Storytelling is innately human; we rely on it to forge connections and to preserve traditions. Today technology has become an inextricable part of the storytelling process. Unfortunately, many of us find that rather than amplifying the depth and impact of our messages, technology dilutes them instead.

While the technically and design-savvy few employ sophisticated techniques to augment their stories, this isn’t an option for most people who lack the resources, skills or time to fully leverage sophisticated, expensive tools. What results is a communications impact gap based not on the strength of the message itself but instead on the messenger’s access to and familiarity with certain tools (tools which also have their own limitations).

Society judges people and companies on the quality of their storytelling. In venture capital, we rate companies based on one-hour presentations. If the pitch isn’t strong, most investors assume the person sharing them isn’t strong, either.

I believe that everyone should be empowered to share their story, and that people should be judged by the quality of their messages — not their capability with tools. The tools themselves should bring out the best in people and their stories.

That’s why I was floored when I saw Beautiful.AI. I immediately understood its power and potential. Until now, there haven’t been visual communications tools that are accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability and design expertise.

Beautiful.AI’s presentation product is unbelievably easy to use and creates stunning slides within minutes. When I first saw the early product, I knew I’d found a company with the potential to democratize access to design, a company that could empower individuals, regardless of background, to package their stories in a way that would compel anyone to listen.

Screenshot of Beautiful.AI editing interface

I often talk about the importance of founder/market fit. Beautiful.AI founder and CEO Mitch Grasso embodies this notion. The former founder of SlideRocket, he has immersed himself in visual communications for two decades and has developed a deep level of understanding and empathy for his users. He focuses maniacally on every detail and possesses an unparalleled clarity of vision for his product. He has literally been micro-optimizing visual communications products for years, poring over every font, color and pixel. His decades-long, truly Steve Jobs-esque pursuit of visual communications perfection is reflected in the exceptional products he is creating today.

Today Beautiful.AI creates gorgeous presentations in minutes. Tomorrow it could be collateral, an infographic, or a website. Using artificial intelligence, Beautiful.AI figures out the best way to tell your story. Finally, a story’s power is no longer diluted by the tools accessible to its users. The only limitations lie in our imaginations. We all have stories that deserve to be heard, and I’m thrilled to invest in Beautiful.AI to empower us to tell stories — easily, elegantly and powerfully — that excite people to listen.

What’s your story? Tell it Beautifully.