From Starbucks to Bulletproof, Trinity’s (coffee) cup runneth over

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4 min readJul 30, 2018


Trinity is proud to continue investing in Bulletproof. Today’s Series C makes Bulletproof one of the largest investments in our firm’s history.

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Founder & CEO — Photo courtesy of Bulletproof

My journey to Bulletproof began when I was just eight years old, facing a disorder that would give me sky-high cholesterol levels and chronic fatigue for most of my young adult life. Since meeting Dave Asprey over a decade ago when he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Trinity Ventures, I can honestly say that my life has dramatically changed for the better.

Today’s Series C capital infusion will help the company continue its impressive growth trajectory so that millions more consumers like me can benefit from life-changing mental and physical performance improvements. As one of Starbucks’ first investors, Trinity has been investing in movements for 30+ years; Bulletproof continues that legacy. Here are three of the reasons we’re so bullish on Bulletproof:

#1 — Firmly rooted in a worthwhile mission

Our Trinity team believes deeply in Bulletproof’s mission to radically transform people’s lives, helping them feel and perform better and meet their health and wellness goals — losing weight, getting stronger, learning to meditate or improving mental sharpness. We’re not only excited about this mission; we’re also inspired by it . As my fellow Trinity partner Gus Tai stated when we invested in their Series A:

“[Bulletproof] has the possibility to shift how we think about what we put in our bodies, manage our health, and tune our performance. If successful, it will represent a new story within the walls of Trinity: How Bulletproof extended who we are and what we do.”

#2 — Built for the next generation of consumers

The CPG and retail marketplaces are shifting in monumental ways. Traditional purchasing and marketing models are becoming less relevant to consumers, while in-person and online experiences are becoming critical. As they brilliantly execute on their omni-channel strategy in order to maximize customer choice and optimize consumer experience, Bulletproof is becoming the gold standard for a next-generation, experience-focused brand.

Bulletproof has sold their products online for years, both through direct channels and via Amazon, and their e-commerce and digital content businesses are growing at an explosive rate. But in the past year since their last funding round, they have turbocharged their growth by adding two additional channels.

  • Expansion of third-party bricks-and-mortar retail, including new partnerships with Whole Foods and Sprouts that have taken off like a rocket. The company’s new ready-to-drink Cold Brew and other exciting product innovations have driven the dramatic retail success.
Photos courtesy of Yelp and Bulletproof
Photos courtesy of Bulletproof

Now customers can experience Bulletproof online, in the grocery store, in the “biohacking gym,” and at the cafes. We have yet to see another CPG company execute an omni-channel strategy this well; in fact, we think that Bulletproof is the first to truly crack the omni-channel code.

#3 — Led by the best

We’ve built an amazing leadership team at Bulletproof. I’m thrilled that we’re promoting Anna Collins to President and excited that she brought on Jeff Hull as VP of Strategy and Analytics. Both leaders served in senior roles at Amazon Prime and possess the deep retail expertise necessary to support the company’s continued omni-channel growth.

Video interview with Anna Collins and Jeff Hull

Dave’s mission and vision have driven Bulletproof from day one. In his unchanged role as CEO, he can focus on being the visionary father of bio-hacking and an inspirational leader and speaker, continuing to define the industry and drive unprecedented innovations in human performance.

Bulletproof’s continued success creates the kind of heartfelt pride that we all yearn for in the venture industry. To Gus and me, Bulletproof is so much more than an incredible portfolio company; it’s also a mission and a movement we endorse enthusiastically because it has improved our lives so substantially and is on a path to improve so many more. With our investment in Bulletproof, our cup truly runneth over.



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