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Scaling a Fintech Masterpiece: Our continued investment in Synapse

This week, my portfolio company Synapse announced their $33M Series B. Trinity is incredibly proud to support the mission of Sankaet Pathak and the rest of the Synapse team with this latest infusion of capital, alongside Angela Strange at Andreessen Horowitz who led this round.

Reflecting on my thoughts from last year when we led the company’s Series A, I’m struck not only by how much progress Synapse has made but also how consistently and methodically they have executed against their mission.

Here are a few points from my original post about the business that are still particularly relevant today:

Synapse makes banking services modern and accessible, insulating developers and customers from the pains that come from the regulatory burdens of managing these products.

Sankaet Pathak is a visionary CEO who possesses the execution capability to back it up.

The team to solve such an intractable problem must possess both the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and the hardcore knowledge of the really grungy aspects of banking.

[Their platform is a] masterpiece which has already achieved massive adoption — and like all true masterpieces, they did not take any shortcuts.

Huge congratulations to the Synapse team on this milestone! I’m thrilled to continue this journey together.

For more about Synapse, check out my full Medium post previously published September 5, 2018:




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