Welcoming entrepreneur Brett Wilson back to the Trinity Family as EIR

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Sep 26, 2019 · 4 min read

Trinity’s newest Executive in Residence (EIR) is anything but new to Trinity. Ten years ago Trinity general partner Ajay Chopra backed Brett Wilson’s then-fledgling programmatic digital advertising company TubeMogul, which Brett and his team later took public and eventually sold to Adobe for $540 million. Now, a decade after first joining the #TrinityFamily, Brett returns to Trinity to share his deep knowledge, thoughtful mentorship and entrepreneurial pixie dust with the next generation of Trinity entrepreneurs. Here’s a bit more about Brett’s journey and his plans for the future in his own words.

You were co-founder and CEO of TubeMogul, which you took public and eventually sold to Adobe. Tell us how that journey began.

At TubeMogul we built a culture where people got stuff done but were also kind and respectful. We also had a lot of fun turning the advertising industry upside down as our programmatic ad buying software empowered digital advertisers with unprecedented transparency into what they were actually buying. By building a culture with a high “Do:Say Ratio” and always doing what’s best for advertisers, we created an execution machine that grew triple digit percentages annually for a decade.

What was the IPO experience like, as well as selling your “baby” to Adobe?

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Being a public company was positive for our business. In addition to enabling liquidity for our employees, the IPO was also a massive branding event that helped us win in-market and attract great talent. After two and a half years in the public markets, Adobe acquired TubeMogul. That acquisition help transform us from a point solution to something far greater.

While we ended up changing an industry and generating a lot of shareholder wealth, this wasn’t a “lightning in a bottle” kind of company. We grinded it out for 10 years swimming upstream every day. We’d all love to be overnight unicorns, but I believe that our experience was a more common entrepreneurial narrative.

What did you do immediately prior to joining Trinity Ventures as an EIR?

What are you hoping to get out of this experience?

Building something valuable from scratch is crazy hard and often takes longer than expected. I certainly had a lot of support along the way and am eager to pay it forward.

What types of companies are you interested in exploring?

What else should people know about you?

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