Sitting on Top of the World, in Unison, Our Voices Echo: “Let Us Undo War”

Acoma, New Mexico, Peace Log, March 27, 2018 — Today, we officially launch #TripForPeace, a peace journalism journey across America and we’re launching it from Sky City, in New Mexico, near Acoma Pueblo. It’s appropriate that we are sitting on sacred, high ground because that is the mindset we must operate from as we travel across the country talking peace, showcasing peacebuilders, and offering opportunities to become engaged with the peace process.

And, just like the Native Americans have done, we will be using — both in person and digitally — to help restore respect and civility into our dialogue. We will take our seat at the table as equals — at round tables— as we begin to listen to each other rather than kill each other.

As a wise man once wrote, “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

Through peacebuilding, we can restore our species and planet to its splendor and highest potential

Our aim at #TripForPeace is to rise above all of the clutter and distractions of politics and society and show people that there are many peacebuilding actions being taken right this very minute by regular everyday people in communities everywhere. We don’t often hear about peace news from the established media; they mainly report on war, violence and division because supposedly that’s what makes them money.

But, there is a change taking place. I have seen it since I began my own peace journey in 2013. The upcoming Trump-Jong-un summit is an opportunity for changing peoples’ perceptions about what we do and don’t want for the future, for our kids and their kids — and all our ancestors.

All people born on Earth deserve to prosper and be free. Now is the time to act to create that reality.

As you have witnessed no doubt, people are now beginning to wake up and say “no more” to war and violence of all kinds. But, there are big differences between now and the 1960s. Activists back then paved the way, yet they were focused on being “anti.” Today, I say this time we must take action for peace. The very nature of being against anything or anyone is opposite of what we seek in peace — which is coming together, listening, rebuilding trust, offering forgiveness perhaps, and seeking to truly understand one another.

We are all living beings capable of moving mountains and transforming the fate of planets by our very thoughts. It is true that we all have so much more in common with each other than we believe. Let’s get away from polarity and celebrate what makes us unique and different while being part of the same bright light that’s coming upon the world.

We must “undo” war in order for peace to emerge

We all have seen so much violence, some people more than others. The memory and reality of nuclear war, of war against an “other” for any reason, must be replaced by something new, something better. War just doesn’t go away until our collective memory and culture — our collective PTSD — turns toward peace instead, toward a different way of operating in the world. We must heal ourselves and our world.

A peace mindset and peace culture must be established where war and division once flourished. We “undo” war first in our own mind day by day, thought by thought; peace of mind is an inside job. And, as the natural laws of the universe work, you can’t give away what you don’t have. We must cultivate inner peace if we are to see it in our communities — and then the greater world. I say, we gotta get our shit together because soon our species will be heading out into space for good, colonizing and exploring space just as explorers have done so on Earth since before recorded history. We want to take peace with us into the rest of the Milky Way, not war.

My experience shows me, too, that we don’t need to “make” peace — because it’s already here. Our task is to pull off the layers of the world — that have to do with viewing anyone as either superior or inferior to anyone else — as separate from us — and build anew. Some call this establishing heaven on Earth since heaven is a state of mind where wholeness and kindness and compassion rule, rather than money and domination, whether by swords, guns, missiles, drones, warheads — or unkind, hurtful words.

Yes, we need and want a vibrant economy, but let us build a peace economy. We are capable of this as a species. Let’s get to it! Let’s talk through the issues. Let’s rise above our egos and pettiness and put our minds on envisioning (and then manifesting) a world where all people and animals prosper.

Peace is a mindset and a way of being

When I tell people about #TripForPeace’s mission to help change the dialogue from war to peace and our ultimate objective to make peace the #1 priority on Earth, some laugh, or say, “That will never happen!” My response is: “You are exactly right if everyone believes peace is not possible as you do right now, then it won’t happen. But, what if they do believe it’s possible?” I believe that building peace — by talking about and modeling collaboration and teaching peace and non violent communication skills to children, teens and adults — is the first step.

Offering people a “vehicle” to voice their solutions for peace and take action together is a good second step. That’s people power. We have the technology to come together like no other time in history/herstory. Let us use #techforgood — for the benefit of all — rather than allowing any group of people to use tech to dominate others. This has to end and it will end here.

You know, as I sit here near Acoma Pueblo I am awed by its beauty, history and height. Acoma Pueblo is built atop a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone bluff in a New Mexico valley studded with sacred, towering monoliths. Since 1150 A.D., Acoma Pueblo has earned the reputation as the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America. The mesa-top settlement is known worldwide for its unique art and rich culture.

It is from the heights that we see the landscape below, and take action to ensure that its beauty and usefulness remains here for all to enjoy. Peacebuilding has everything to do with cleaning up and safeguarding our environment. The two issues go hand in hand. So too, do many of the issues we are dealing with today: including poverty, hunger, lack of clean water and air, homelessness, refugees, immigration, violence, aggression, surveillance, interfaith and racial relations, and how to best handle the growing population on Earth for the peoples’ benefit.

By saying yes to peace and working for peace, we address these issues as we go, realistically and with passion and determination. The time is calling for new leaders who are selected based on their commitment to peace and their ability to bring people together for good.

Peace begins in the heart — by faith. It take courage and personal discipline to adopt a strong, non violent lifestyle.

I look forward to sharing the stories of peacebuilders with you and offer you a taste of the peace work I have grown to love. Stay tuned for peace articles, podcasts, videos and live peace events — digital and in person — across the country first, and then the planet. I see #TripForPeace and #PeaceSalon as Phase 1. I see the Peace Pirates, or a global experiment like it, as Phase 2.

As the Carpenters once sang:

“I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around
Your love’s put me at the top of the world.”

Onward together!

More About Acoma Pueblo and Sky City

A federally-recognized Indian Tribe, Acoma Pueblo has a land base covering 431,664 acres and is home to 4,800 tribal members with more than 250 dwellings, none of which have electricity, sewer, or water. In 1629, construction began on the massive San Esteban del Rey Mission, a Catholic mission. Both the Mission and the Pueblo are Registered National Historical Landmarks and are on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Pueblo of Acoma established the Acoma Business Enterprises 25 years ago to help sustain the economic development of their people. The companies they own include: Sky City Casino/Hotel, Sky City RV Park, Huwak’a Restaurant, Sky City Travel Center, Sky City Cultural Center, Acoma Big Game Trophy Hunt, Sky City Communications and Acoma Concrete Restoration.

, where I stayed last night, offers 24-hour gaming with more than 600 slot and video poker machines, Las Vegas style table games, bingo and live entertainment, as well as fine accommodations and dining all in one place. It has the feel of being high on life.

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(Source: Header Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash)

Peace News | #TripForPeace | A Peace Journalism Adventure

I'm Susan Beaver Thompson, peace journalist & social entrepreneur. The Peace Log showcases peacemakers in action. Join us as we travel America, bringing you eyewitness coverage of peace news & events. And, join in the #PeaceSalon, a virtual peace discussion on Zoom each Thursday.

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We're change agents, showcasing peacemakers in action across America. Together, let's make #peace the #1 priority on Earth. #mojo #TripForPeace #PeacePirates

Peace News | #TripForPeace | A Peace Journalism Adventure

I'm Susan Beaver Thompson, peace journalist & social entrepreneur. The Peace Log showcases peacemakers in action. Join us as we travel America, bringing you eyewitness coverage of peace news & events. And, join in the #PeaceSalon, a virtual peace discussion on Zoom each Thursday.